Friday, September 18, 2009

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is the day that we leave for New Zealand!

Its a rather hellacious journey, all in all. We are leaving our house around 10 am in order to drop the dogs off in Olive Branch with Danny's parents and take them out for an early lunch. Our first flight is at 1430 hrs, Memphis to L.A.. Then a ridiculously long lay over in LA and a 2330 hours departure to Auckland. We get there at 730 am and take an internal flight to Christchurch at 1230 pm. Then we will pick up our camper van and drive on over to Pancake Rock for early exploration the next day! If we manage to survive this, and the time difference, we might be ok!

I spent the evening making granola bars for the journey and decided, albeit rather foolishly, to try making English muffins. You make them the night before and leave them to rise in the fridge over night. So hopefully we will have a deliciously toasty hot muffin for breakfast!

See you on the other side!

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