Friday, October 29, 2010

He is not a giant!

It has been brought to my attention that in displaying pictures of Henry next to a premature baby, that you might be led to believe that he is a giant baby. Well he is not a giant baby! To prove this to you, here are pictures of Henry and Knox. Knox was born a week after Henry at the same weight and length. Knox is also breast fed and seems comparative in size 3.5 months after birth. This is also a great opportunity for me to show you the cute 'Produced Locally' onesie the folks at work bought us!

Good and bad news on tonight... I have a baby sitter now! Thats the good news, I get to go out! Bad news is its my friend Alison, so she wont be able to come out with us. Its set to be 33 degrees tonight, and I wanted to wear a dress (a non-boob accessible dress, can you imagine the freedom of a regular bra!), but perhaps thats a little too cold...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tearing my hair out

So I was all set to go out Friday night for the first time since I had Henry. He is almost 4 months old. I was getting pretty excited! I was even going to have a beer! But alas, everyone and their mother is also going out Friday, so I can't find a babysitter. His wonderful surrogate grandmother has offered, but I feel uncomfortable keeping her out til midnight and I really need for him to be in his bed for consistency. Alas, perhaps it wasnt meant to be... anyone want to come over with a 6 pack Friday to join me, since it looks like Ill be staying in!?!?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The crazy life of a parent...

Last night Henry screamed (a high pitch, heart wrenching scream) for two and a half hours straight and then every time you tried to put him in his bed, despite the fact that he had previously been asleep. He is usually very good at bed time. That being said, it is almost 1030am and he is still in bed, asleep.

Henry and Cooper

Cooper is 7 weeks old, but was born 4 weeks early. Tiny baby!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

At last, some photos

My pictures are going to be all out of order, Im afraid; My deepest apologies. I shall also preface by saying that it is almost impossible to take pictures of this kid because he is always moving!

Let's begin with some random Henry photos...

Henry and Daddy

"Mum... what are you letting him do to me?"

Henry and Geoffrey

"I just want to get my hands in my mouth! Remove this obstruction, NOW!"

Mr Scruff

"I love the outdoors already"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Where have I been?

Where have I been for the past three weeks? Good question!

We took a road trip to Gulf Shores, AL with my sister and her BF, Joe. Three days later we flew to Vancouver, Canada. One day later we drove to Little Rock, AR. Henry is most definitely a well travelled baby!

Henry flies like a champ. His behaviour there and back was very different, but nonetheless he behaved very well both times. On the way out he was full of energy and giggles. On the way back he slept through every flight. Feeding him for take off and landing went well, so he didnt have any ear problems.

Vancouver was fun. It was nice to be a part of the 'real' world again. The people were very relaxed and didnt mind at all when I walked back to the hotel room to feed Henry every three hours. He mostly behaved for his Daddy but he has discovered true screaming, and boy is it loud. We didnt eat out much, since Henry was on Central time and a little grumpy. Even so, we were not overly impressed with the food in Vancouver. About 95% of the restaurants were sushi or Japanese, and whilst we like that style of food as much as the next person, we didnt want it more than once in a week. We did have a fantastic curry though.

I believe Henry's temporary grumpiness was in part because he missed home, but mostly a growth spurt. He can sit up now while holding your finger and go from sitting to his tummy. He rolls over with pure grace and likes most of all to stand up while you keep him balanced.

We drove to Little Rock to keep Danny company. He had a GIS class Thursday, so we drove Wednesday night. We stayed with the Schneider's and got to meet Cooper, their new arrival. Cooper is seven weeks old but was born four weeks early. He is tiny! We did take a picture of the two lads lying beside each other, so I just have to get organised and start uploading pictures.

It is so nice to be home. Today was fantastic! I dont know if its sheer chance, but we seem to have landed into a nice schedule easily, but we shall see if it lasts. I really had a wonderful day! Henry fell asleep in the Babybjorn carrier while we walked the dogs this morning. When we got home, I cleaned the fridge while he continued to sleep in his bed. We played a bunch, did the grocery shopping, had a bath, but most importantly, we christened our trailer today! It was great to get out and ride and Henry slept really well. We cycled to the park, jogged the outer loop and cycled home. Most people gave us a wide girth, but not everybody, which is shocking. I really enjoyed cycling with Henry, but do need a wing mirror for my bike, I think.

Last night Henry woke up earlier than usual for his night time feed, because he hit his head on the end of the bassinet. So tonight is his first full night in his own bed, in his own bedroom - at 3 months old! I thought it was going to be hard on me, but Ive been putting him in there after his 3am feed for the rest of the night, so Im doing well! Its actually nice to have our bedroom back!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rush rush rush

We had a fantastic time with my sister and her boyfriend, the two Js. Gulf Shores is wonderful and I thoroughly recommend it. I have some adorable pictures of Henry, of course, that I will share with you at a later date.

We leave for Vancouver, Canada tomorrow morning at 530am, so lets hope Henry wakes up on the right side of the bassinet!

Henry still wont drink from a bottle, but the office Im working at next week is only an 8 minute walk from the hotel, so it should work out well.

Taylor Grocery, Taylor, Mississippi
Southern food at its best. Fried everything!