Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baked bean hell!

We had a terrible, terrible day yesterday in this usually quiet little house. Henry cried and he cried and he cried. He was not at all himself. No happy smiling baby, like usual. No afternoon nap. No playing. Then feeding him at 2am, I realised that I had eaten beans on Sunday and that he had an upset tummy. Silly silly woman. I know that beans upset my tummy, of course they are going to upset a little tiny man. I hope we arent in for more of the same tonight. At least he is napping now so Im getting some rest!

Friday, August 27, 2010


My little man has been asleep in his own bed for over an hour this afternoon, and he shows no signs of waking up yet! Ive done over an hours worth of work today, real USDA work! This morning we also vacuumed and cleaned the bedroom carpet! Its amazing how convenient a BabyBjorn carrier is!

He will grow into this bed, one day!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mummy update

6 week check up put me in tip top shape, so I have the doctors blessing to ride my bike. In fact his first question to me was have I been out on my bike. When I said I thought I had to wait to get the all clear, he rolled his eyes at me! The funny thing about having a baby, is that pelvic exams and pap smears are no longer painful or even uncomfortable! The 'female bits' pain threshold is on a totally new level now! Watch out country dogs, me and my mace are about to be back on the road! Learn from me all you breastfeeding mummies; apparently last weeks dizziness and headaches was a result of dehydration. At least the only times I fell down I wasn't holding Henry! Increase the water intake I guess! And there was me thinking I drank more water than anyone I have ever met. Guess its still not enough eh.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Answers on a postcard please

Seriously, I need help...

How do you get a stubborn 6 week old to nap during the day without me having to hold him all day?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Firsts

Yesterday was our first day alone, Henry and I. I was somewhat anxious after his insanely fussy Sunday, it has to be said. He fought taking a nap all day Sunday, so inevitably was in a foul mood. But thankfully, Monday was a completely different story; he was a perfectly behaved child!

We had our own little adventure in the afternoon... we took our Chariot into town, went to the bank, then did a 50 minute walk, ending up at Hollie's for Milkshake Monday where Danny and I shared a milkshake and Henry slept soundly in his Chariot. Bath time was a hoot, as ever, with Henry laughing the entire time. He went soundly to sleep at 730pm, waking only at 2am and 530am. Definitely manageable!

He was fighting nap time again today until I put his Led Zeppelin lullabies on, now he is fast asleep in my arms! Cutie pie!

Friday, August 13, 2010

More firsts

Today a letter arrived addressed to Henry Parker Klimetz! It was his social security card, but it was really funny to see something addressed to a baby one month old.

Went through his wardrobe today and Im sure he is only going to wear each outfit in the 3-6 month range once, there are so many!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The next Einstein?!

Only kidding! I know every new mum thinks her baby is super clever, so believe me when I say I was only kidding with the Einstein title.


Henry rolled over yesterday! I know you think its a fluke, but he did it three times! From his belly to his back, on the bed.

And today he smiled! Really smiled, not just got a wind grimace. No rolling over though.

So cute!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Big sigh

Tell me, what do I do with a wide awake baby at mid-night?

I guess the problem is he usually goes straight back to sleep after a feed, so Im just not used to this being up in the middle of the night thing.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

First successful cloth nappy adventure

After the size 1 nappy disaster I was forced to buy Huggies as I said. I ordered the seventh generation, but they wont arrive until Tuesday. As luck may have it, Alison had some newborn nappy covers, so we gave pre-fold cloth nappies a try. Its gone well, thankfully! I have the Snappi fastners which makes securing the nappy a whiz and I dont worry about hurting the baby. They are bulky and the covers stick out under his onsies, so I wouldn't use them to take him out in public, they also rustle every time he moves. I wouldn't use them at night because he 'creates' (I love that phrase!) pretty much as soon as he pees in the pre-folds, where as in the disposables he can wait 'til he wakes up for his next feed. I threw them into a bucket of baking soda water (1 cup baking soda, two gallons water) and washed them on a hot wash with an extra rinse cycle. They are now stain free and drying in the sun. What a snap. Because I only have 12 pre-folds we are back on disposables until these dry. I never intended to use pre-folds but was given them as a shower gift... I have to say they have turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I actually recommend them, for breastfed babies at least; I have no experience of formula fed.

Pre-fold pros:
Much more pleasant for a pooy nappy. In a disposable nappy the liquid gold just pools up, sticks to his bum and sometimes oozes out the sides. ick. It is soaked up by the pre-fold cloth so no oozing or sticking to baby.

Not throwing a ton of stuff away. Major plus in my book!

Pre-fold cons:
He usually kicks up a fuss to get changed asap after peeing, so I felt like I was changing him more frequently than in the disposables.

With a little chicken-leg man like Henry, the cover doesn't fit snuggly, so he managed to leak pee out of one leg opening onto my mum (who took it remarkably well!). But he only leaked one out of 12 times.

You have to wash them; though since you always have a ton of baby laundry anyway, this is a minor con, in my opinion.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tee hee

Look how he fell asleep today!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A bit premature

It seems our decision to go up to big boy nappies was a little premature. Oh dear. Last night every time I picked the little man up to feed him he was soaking wet where his nappies had been leaking. He went through several outfits and blankets. So, we have gone back to Newborn size. Though of course, they don't sell the Newborn size Seventh Generation nappies in this backward town, so I had to buy Huggies, and they have girly Winnie the Poohs on them. Ugh. But I've ordered some more Seventh Generations that should be here Tuesday, now I just have to make this little pack of Huggies last 'til then. Yeah, right.

Some things I have learnt recently... a 16 oz tub of Butt Paste is twice the price of a 2 oz tube. Mylicon is great if your little one is prone to tummy aches, as the little chicken man is (Henry has little tiny skinny legs, like a chicken!).

I leave you with this thought...
Do VW think a guy is going to buy the new Beetle when it comes with a flower on the dash and flower shaped headlights? Do many guys buy the new Beetle?

And I leave you with these pictures...

We call this the 'choke hold' and Henry seems to love it! Especially when his Daddy does it, sends him into a sort of trance. Great for burping! Something Henry needs lots of!


He sleeps just like his father!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Boy!

Big news in the world of Lauren and Henry today... well, not exactly big news, but when all you do all day is stick a suckling mouth on your chest and change dirty nappies, any news is big news! Henry has moved up to Big Boy nappies today! Probably not big boy nappies, but Size 1 anyways! The thought process that prompted this decision was not exactly pleasant though! I was doing some house job or other and my mum was sweeping the floor when Henry started wailing from his bed. In an effort to get me ready for life without my wonderful helper, my mum told me to let him cry for 5 minutes, since we were both busy. I managed 2 minutes before going to see what was up with him. The poor soul was wet all the way up his back. So I stripped him down and plonked his little butt in the sink to get washed off. Put him in a clean outfit and held him whilst wandering round the house. Not very much time had past before I realised that he was soaking wet up his side again. hmmmm. The nappies were not containing the ridiculous volume of pee that young man produces, so we went to Size 1s!

My little baby is growing up! He no longer wears newborn nappies!

For all those new mums out there, we went through almost 5 packets of Seventh Generation Newborn size (there are 6 left!). Just incase you are wondering how many you will need, though of course, he was born at 6lb 13 oz, so that will make a difference to the number of newborn size you need too.

Also, I would like to just say, how much I like using cloth wipes over disposables. Yes, there is slightly more work involved, but they are lovely and warm when you need to clean a little botty and they seem to clean up so much better and more efficiently. We have the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer, which is working just fine for us, though I have only been using it for a week or so. The extra work is that you have to pre-soak them before putting them in your wipes warmer, then we store dirty ones in a baking soda solution, then you have to wash them. However it seems like very little effort for a happier botty and far less waste.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You are all wrong!

Danny and I have decided that everyone that told us babies do nothing for the first three month and are totally un-interesting, are all wrong. Henry is very interesting and we seem to learn something new about him every day. I just love the way he absolutely hates 'tummy-time' when you lay him on his stomach to strengthen his neck muscles, but if you lay on your back with him on your stomach he lifts his head all around!

Danny has now left on a field trip for two weeks, so who knows what he will notice new about Henry when he gets back or how much he will miss us.

I suppose, with Danny not here, Im going to have to remember how to use the mini-camera and take my own pictures of the little tike, because lets face it, what would you prefer, the ramblings of a sleep deprived, possibly deranged woman, or cute pictures of the baby!?!?