Friday, August 6, 2010

A bit premature

It seems our decision to go up to big boy nappies was a little premature. Oh dear. Last night every time I picked the little man up to feed him he was soaking wet where his nappies had been leaking. He went through several outfits and blankets. So, we have gone back to Newborn size. Though of course, they don't sell the Newborn size Seventh Generation nappies in this backward town, so I had to buy Huggies, and they have girly Winnie the Poohs on them. Ugh. But I've ordered some more Seventh Generations that should be here Tuesday, now I just have to make this little pack of Huggies last 'til then. Yeah, right.

Some things I have learnt recently... a 16 oz tub of Butt Paste is twice the price of a 2 oz tube. Mylicon is great if your little one is prone to tummy aches, as the little chicken man is (Henry has little tiny skinny legs, like a chicken!).

I leave you with this thought...
Do VW think a guy is going to buy the new Beetle when it comes with a flower on the dash and flower shaped headlights? Do many guys buy the new Beetle?

And I leave you with these pictures...

We call this the 'choke hold' and Henry seems to love it! Especially when his Daddy does it, sends him into a sort of trance. Great for burping! Something Henry needs lots of!


He sleeps just like his father!

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