Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting there

Henry and I had a fantastic afternoon together; playing on the bed, Mummy the jungle gym, one-sided pillow fights (I just bash him in the head with a pillow and he laughs his head off!), walking behind the walker thingy, lids in the kitchen, stacking blocks, but he tried something new and loved it. Danny didnt believe me at all but then the evening game became, climb off the bed, crawl to the sofa, walk from the sofa to the bed, climb on the bed, across Papa, off the bed and start all over again...

Walking on my own... from Danny Klimetz on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unusual night

We had a most interesting night yesterday. Totally unusual for us.

Henry wouldn't go to sleep. I had even etched out some time to myself to do my new prenatal work out dvd and 15 minutes into it the screaming was just too much so I went in to get my little man. Every time I put him back into his bed almost asleep, he would sit up screaming again. We tried a cup of milk, we tried some yoghurt incase he was hungry, then eventually we resorted to Tylenol and Mummy leave the room. Papa sat with him a while then left too and he eventually went to sleep around 9pm. I got in an hour or two of sleep before he woke up screaming again at 130am. We wondered if maybe it was the paint smell in his room so we took him to our bed but he just wanted to play. We tried tummy medicine then eventually around 4am resorted to more Tylenol, switched off the fan and he was asleep by about 430am. We wrote to the Midwife to cancel our appointment but much to our surprise, our little man was bright and chirpy at 7am again. Papa wasn't! It wasn't really that much less sleep than I sometimes get at night so I was fine. Henry was full of beans and having a great time in his diaper playing in the cool morning, throwing leaves on himself. No extra moodiness and no extra nap. We went to the grocery store then to lunch with Lana and Knox, then it took me 40 minutes to get him to sleep on my bed, where we slept for just under 2 hours, but he was still tired when he woke up. We rode to the trails and went jogging with Knox and Lana but H wasn't a happy bunny really. He must have had an upset stomach because all but one nappy change today was a gnarly poo poo, I wonder if this means more molars are on their way through. I suspect there is a little separation anxiety mixed in because he screamed bloody murder when I put him down to bed again tonight, but it only lasted 10 minutes or so. I knew he was tired because he threw a fit when I put his pajamas on.

Its nights like last night that make you thankful for a good sleeper! Our usual 12 hour sleeper really threw us for a loop.

Now I have to tidy up because we didn't do any yesterday, since we spent the whole evening holding Henry.

We were thankfully able to get another appointment with the Midwife tomorrow morning, which also happens to be Danny's sister's 16th Birthday, so I guess it all worked out because maybe we can take her out for lunch tomorrow.

Here's to wishing for a night of no baby screaming...

We continue to battle dinner times and unfortunately have had to resort to ketchup on chicken and shove it in his mouth before he will eat it. When will these battles ever end! Im not making pasta every night of my life for the next 18 years.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Great Grandpa!

You must be pretty old Great Grandpa since you have tons of grand kids, and as but a small one, I wish you a happy birthday!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

First time for everything...

Tonight is the first night that we are trying the go to bed hungry thing. Henry didnt eat much of his dinner tonight and we didnt offer him a second option. We shall see what happens at 3am.

He does have another tooth, so thats what last weeks upset tummy must have been about. A molar on the bottom left jaw. He just has the middle two and the one molar at the back, nothing in between! Goodness knows how many other teeth he has in there, Im scared to stick my fingers in because he chomps down!

We had a fun day today. H played in a metal tub full of water. After nap time we went to the pool and then for ice cream. I went riding to the lake all on my own! Totally embarrassed myself as I was leaving the house though. The neighbours were sitting on their stoop so I went to tell them we were going to the pool later if they wanted to come. My new clips are stiffer than the old ones and I couldnt unclip my foot and ended up laying on my side under my bike in their front yard! I blamed it on pregnancy balance issues but really Im a dumb arse! At 16.5 weeks I have already gained 15 lbs, can you imagine if I didnt do as much exercise as I already do!

You never knew we had a private jacuzzi did you!

Busy week ahead. Lots of good bye events at the lab tomorrow, visiting with a midwife in Memphis Tuesday as we are considering a home birth, and still the painters will be here so no afternoon napping in his room. Going to be another tiring week! Oh and did I say my rib cage was hurting, sorry I meant my entire torso aches every morning and Im not sleeping. When I do sleep I have horrid horrid pregnancy nightmares. Will I ever get some rest!? NOPE

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New kicks

I dont know why I ever worry about my son's eating habits. He had some gnarly diapers friday and then he ate like a champ. I need to just realise that he will eat if he is feeling ok. Unfortunately the most gnarly of them all was sitting outside the library and it came out of the diaper onto the very white onesie and all over the overalls too. Thankfully mummy had a bag for the ickiness and a spare onesie in the stroller.

So story time at the library wasn't overly successful for us and it turns out we didn't even make it to story time, we were at toddler time. Henry just kept taking other children's shoes. The little girls would kick him demanding their shoes back and sometimes he even wanted little girls who had taken their shoes off, to put them back on. So despite the fact that he doesnt need any shoes as he isn't walking, and the fact that he wont wear the sandals he has, we went straight to Neilson's to buy H some new Kicks. We debated the Toms but the soles were a little hard and they are supposed to learn to walk barefoot, so we went with the Pedipeds - hand made with leather soles so its almost like not wearing shoes at all. Henry absolutely loves them and wants to wear them all of the time! Which is great because they cost a small fortune. Papa loved them when he got home too, then I told him they were $35.50 before tax and he about had a heart attack. The thing is, kids feet are important and at the rate H grows, he will be wearing these shoes at least until he needs to start wearing socks around October time. Pediped also had some 18-24 months sheep skin lined moccasins for the fall, so Mummy is already eyeing those up! He loves his new shoes and the good thing is, I dont feel guilty letting him play on the dirty pavements on the square or out and about.

Henry and his new shoes:

We had another fantastic day today. I just love being Henry's Mummy, we have so much fun! He woke up at the usual time, 645am on the dot; Mama, Mama! My rib cage has been aching first thing in the morning so usually at this calling of my name I sit up instantly and just sit there a few minutes, let the aching go away. We had an early breakfast today then walked the dogs. Knox and Lana came over and we walked to the farmers market where they had sweet potatoes for the first time. Pretty exciting as Papa loves sweet potatoes. Because they were dug this week, you are supposed to not use them for 2-3 weeks so I had to inform Danny we couldnt have them this week. Zion Farms also had ground lamb which will be a nice treat this week; we talked about ordering half a cow from him too. Its pricey but I wont buy meat from the supermarket so you get what you pay for in my opinion. We then walked over to Square Books Junior for story time where the little guys played with a thousand other little guys! After a nice stroll home Henry had fun walking behind his walker thingy and playing on the couches, which were returned to us a littler earlier than we needed them, but at least Danny didnt have to go get them. We had leant them to Ibrahim who had some folks staying in his unfurnished house. It worked out for us because we dont have room for them right now, but they gave them back today, so we are little cramped in our living room/bedroom.

Speaking of, the bedrooms are coming along nicely. Its taking a whole lot longer than we expected but you cant rush beauty I suppose. Its actually been really hard for me because Henry hasn't been able to sleep in his bedroom during the day. The first day we cycled for two hours and he slept 40 minutes. The second day we walked for 2 hours and he slept 35 minutes, so exhausted, the third day I tried getting him so sleep on my bed. It took me about 40 minutes but then he (and I) slept 3.5 hours, so it was blissful rest! Friday was eventful for us because we looked after Knox and Jayden came over to visit, so we had a full house and H didnt take his nap (usually at 1pm) until 330pm! Little trooper. And we had to wake him up at 515pm to go get some dinner - the new baby wanted a cheese burger! So today Mummy was exhausted! It was so nice to put H in his bed for his nap rather than struggle to get him to sleep on my bed and then have to lie there with him so he didnt fall off the bed. Mind you, I was so tired I ended up collapsing into bed too, and I slept HARD! We played a little while then went across the street to visit with our neighbours and Henry played with the side walk chalk with Darden (3 yrs old). After some delicious home made tomato soup and grilled cheeses (with bread from Lana) and a nice bath, we did some walking and bouncing on the bed like we do every evening and H is now soundly asleep in bed. For some reason I am still exhausted so Im going to clean up after the day of destruction, sweep, mop and settle down to some ironing. Danny has a wedding in Clarksdale and probably wont be home til after midnight - that man works so stinking hard! Trooper!

Henry and Knox giving Mummy a hard time!

Oh and it seems at 16.5 weeks pregnant I have reached the stage where I no longer look like I have a (very fashionable) muffin top; two women asked me when I was due today, so hooray! I look pregnant and I guess with all this tiredness today, I feel it too, though its probably about time!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whatever can I do!?

Henry has entered an "I wont eat anything you give me unless its a raisin, grape, cheese or cracker" phase and I am at a serious loss. For dinner all we can get him to eat is pasta, and tonight he wouldnt even eat that. He ate 7 strawberries and some yoghurt, then picked the raisins out of the chicken korma and ate those. He has stopped eating peas which he used to eat when all else failed. He has stopped eating cream cheese bagels which were our fail safe lunch. He did manage to eat a banana today and some peanut butter from a spoon, but would not eat it on toast.
What can I do!?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nearly there!

Tonight H was running around the house behind his walker, as he loves to do in the evenings (only the evenings mind you, he wont play with it at any other time of the day!), when he stopped, let go, turned around and walked off! 6 steps later he face planted, but then he got back up, grabbed the walker and took off again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ice cream!

We celebrated the only way we know how, with ice cream. Yep, you guessed it, will finally received a big fat cheque for our old house!!! Hooray, I hear you cry! I KNOW! At last!

Please excuse the finger in the photo, its just an iphone.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Productive 100 minutes

In my time alone I used the toilet in peace and quiet with no one sitting on my lap or yelling my name.

I shaved and bathed my filthy over grown dogs.

I took a shower, since I was covered in dog hair.

When they got home H had fallen asleep in the car so was waking up when Danny bumped his head after changing his nappy. Though Im not much better, when strapping him into his high chair I pinched some soft belly skin between the buckle parts. Great parents we are. Poor little fellow. But nonetheless he ate his spaghetti hoops and laughing cow triangle happily. He ran around the house behind a push toy and is currently working on going to sleep for an afternoon nap.

Papa is outfitting the shed and Im going to clean up the lunch debris and then possibly sit down!

Saturdays eh!

oh and we also found out today that not only is the crazy lady next door feeding our dogs cat food, not such a big deal, but now she is feeding them chicken bones! So Danny (politely, perhaps!) told her that we absolutely do not want her feeding our dogs chicken bones, that the bones can splinter in their stomach and kill them. So she shrugged and said, ok Ill just feed it to the cat. Poor cat.


Papa has taken Henry to HomeDepot to buy some stuff to organise the shed. What ever am I going to do, alone, for a couple of hours!!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Much better!

Henry has made a full recovery from his nasty stomach illness, and it seems it is going round Oxford, so we were probably bound to get it at some point anyway. Poor little man though, it was pretty rough there for a while. He stopped eating pretty much after Monday. His temperature went back to normal Wednesday and he started sleeping better. Then he ate a little lunch Thursday and when I put his dinner down in front of him Thursday night he crammed it into his mouth quicker than you could blink. He got a mini Oreo cookie and a cup of milk for eating so well! I know, Im naughty, he doesn't get one every night, just when he eats what I consider to be a good dinner.

Today we looked after Jayden, Henry's two and a half year old cousin and boy, am I tired now! Since he didn't really understand playing quietly because Henry is napping, we had to play outside between 1pm and 330pm, the hottest part of the day! Henry took a really good nap though, so he must have been doing some growing!

After they left we cycled over to see Megan briefly and they had some friends visiting whose 4 month old son weighed almost the same as Henry! Henry was 19 lbs 10 oz a month ago and this little boy was 19 lbs! It was nice to see Megan, Lee and the whole family, they are all doing so well!

No plans for the weekend really. Im sure we will walk the dogs to the farmers market in the morning and let Papa lie in bed to get some much needed rest. Papa is going to work on shed organization so we can get some more boxes out of the house and we may go swimming, since the pool is only open a few more weeks. Maybe I will go cycling on my own sunday, and Im sure there is a trip to Yayas for frozen yoghurt in there somewhere! Dinner with the Ozeron's should be nice tomorrow night.

Tonight Lana and I are starting our babysitting club. I am at their house with Knox while they go out for dinner together, then next week its our turn! and no one has to pay for a babysitter!!! Its actually rather nice for me because I had to leave the dishes to get here in time, I won't have time to clean the floor when I get home so Danny will most likely have to do it and I am just sitting down on the couch without a care in the world!!! A never before occurrence!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The end of an era

Today was my last day at the lab having worked there almost a decade; nine years, three months to be a little more precise. Well, today was supposed to be my last day, but I guess it ended up being yesterday. I was at work an hour today before my babysitter, Jill, called me to tell me to come collect Henry. He hasn't been feeling well since Sunday, and apparently this morning he would do nothing but yell my name continually. So I took him home via the store to get some more baby pain reliever. He was ok, playing up a little to get his mummy I think, but he is ill. We are not sure if he has a stomach bug, or the upset tummy is a result of yet more teeth coming in on his upper jaw, the evidence of which I saw at lunchtime. Either way he isn't really eating and he feels really sorry for himself. He has big black bags under his eyes, poor little fellow and is doing the most disgusting green squishy poos ever; in the bath, in the playroom just after his bath, every other diaper...gross.

It was a slightly useless day for me really, since H was so whiney I just tried keeping him from crying all day really. Holding him was often not what he wanted, but he would not allow me to put him down, and don't even consider going to the bathroom mummy, not allowed. Because the people were putting in the windows, I had to get Henry to sleep on our bed in the living room, which was a mission. Thankfully they finished half way through and I was able to move him to his own bed where he slept more soundly.

We now have five new windows fitted and they look fabulous! Most of the trim is done, just got to frame up the windows and a couple more of the doors, then the painters come in. Tonight Danny and I successfully finalized the kitchen plans, so now we just have to re-do the drawings clearly and double check all measurements. Then work can being on the kitchen hopefully!

Tomorrow we must go to the grocery store, we are out of toilet paper! Terrible house wife that I am! I would love to do some exercise too, as today was a wash. Thursday I have a doctors checkup for baby number two and Friday Jonathan is moving into dorms here in town so it looks like I'm babysitting jayden, which could be interesting; pregnant me, sick Henry and a 2.5 year old boy. If only I could drink, as I foresee needing a cocktail Friday night. Oh and Friday night I babysit for Lana as we are trying to establish a babysitting club, if anyone is interested. I would just like to re-learn who my husband is without having to pay someone $10 an hour to sit in my house and watch tv. So we shall see if babysitting for someone else so that they will babysit for us, works!

At the beginning of the week, I was dreading this week, then it got made worse with H feeling terrible, poor fellow. On the upside, Jill gave me a cheesecake today and slice number one was pretty delicious! I wonder how long it takes me to finish the rest!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Autumn is on the way

The rain this morning completely threw me for a loop. I just didn't expect it. And whilst I'm not going to complain about this cooler weather just yet, I have to say, I'm really not ready for autumn. We missed our park date today because of the rain, but went over to visit Lana and Knox instead. They are funny playing together those little boys. Knox has a mini armchair which Henry apparently took a shine too. So sitting happily in his little armchair, Henry was unimpressed when Knox decided he was going to come sit in it too. So Henry pushes Knox off the chair with all his might, some grimacing and grunts necessary with the effort too! Hilarious! To his credit, Knox kept on trying to get back in his chair and Henry kept on pushing him off. I think I know what Henry might be getting for Christmas though! Not to mention, when one had a cup of grapes, the other needed one, then they needed the cup of grapes the other little boy had. Then his toy too. And it went on.

I like the way my work days are set up in that I get to tuesday evening and am physically and emotionally relieved the next day is a day off, a day to spend with my little stinker. But then Thursday nights I don't exactly relish having to go back to work on Fridays.

Bedrooms doors arrived today and of course one of them is damaged. I honestly feel like we just can't get a break. And no, their still is not a cheque in my bank account for the other house. Grrrrrrr.

My little baby did something ever so sweet this morning though... I was changing his nappy first thing this morning and he leaned up and grabbed the outsides of the tops of both my arms and pulled me toward him to give me a big kiss on the lips! So cute. I'm enjoying it now because I know with a boy, the affection won't last long!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Since when...

I have tried to bury this post in the back of mind, as I fear there may be repercussions from some of you, but I just can't keep quiet a moment longer.

Since when did it become ok, no, trendy, for fat middle aged/old men to wear cycling shorts to swim in?

I've been going to the City pool in my lunch breaks for a blissful hour of freedom and exercise without a stroller. But why must I be subjected to visions of wrinkly bellies hanging over tight, tight cycling shorts? Does it really make you THAT much more efficient in the water? My front crawl is quicker than you. Heck, even my pregnant breast stroke is quicker than your front crawl, so tell me what do you need the super trendy, sleek black cycling shorts for? All of you?

The nicest part about swimming laps outdoors is watching your shadow glide through the water on the floor of the pool and how it goes in and out as the sun hides behind clouds. The pool closes for the year the first week of September; what ever am I goin to do?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Always lots of fun!

Henry and I continue to have lots of fun together, though it is apparent why I never feel rested! But I guess you can rest when you are old, right!?

As usual we started out bright and early. The dogs actually surprised me by behaving really well on our walk at the park this morning, I'm sure they were just hot. Oh but no, I skip the first part of my morning... Turn away if you are fed up with poop stories... We began as normal, I greet Henry with a cup of milk which he drinks like he hasn't drunk in weeks. I change his nappy. As we have done on many occasion, and no, this is not the first time this has happened to me, so you would think I would have learned by now, I left him with out a nappy while we go out onto the deck to hang up the nappies from last nights wash. He just loves to help me hang them on the rack, which in itself is adorable. He even loves taking the clean ones out of the washing machine and putting them in the basket almost climbing into the machine to get the ones at the back. In my defense, I think carefree skin time is good for babies bottoms. You guessed it, he did a big squishy poo as he was crawling along, so he walked in it a little too. So I scooped him up and plopped him in the shower and all was fixed in minutes. The best part of it all is, I knew I wouldn't have to clean it up since I figured the dogs would find it and sure enough, when we came back outside there was no poo poo to be seen. Ick.

We played inside a little while then cycled to visit the Ozeren's across town and had a good old play at their house. He fell asleep on the ride home, which is something he hasnt done since he was little. I even left him in the stroller outside of the farmers market when I popped in to buy milk. He woke up briefly when I took him out of the stroller at home but I laid him down in his bed and he was asleep again in minutes. He slept til 2pm so we had a really late lunch! But no one can pass up grilled cheeses and spaghetti hoops now can they!

We cycled to the pool and had a little splash around. He is really into diving into the pool and swimming with his face in the water at the moment, so all the other parents watch in awe as this little baby plunges himself head first into the pool and they can't get their 4 year old to put their face in.

No progress on the walking front, since that's all anyone seems to ask me about. Gees folks, he will walk when he walks! He is really into waving good bye and giving kisses at the moment and was entertained for at least 20 minutes today placing pieces of paper into Papa's dress shoes. I think he would have done it longer except our lunch was ready. He has great dexterity now and can put his Lego together with ease. Oh and he threw the mouse on the floor so I am back to the stupid i-thingy. Ugh.

He loves to skype his Papa and I am really excited to see what he does Friday when he finally comes home. Don't you worry, Papa has been clearly informed that no trips of this length will ever be occurring again. We miss him too much.

No news on the belly front. Still got a wretched stomach with pains that just will not go away. Though Danny did remind me my stomach behaved the same way with Henry. I have talked him into not finding out the gender, so you must all wait in suspense too! And we are taking names for suggestion...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another busy Saturday

I like to keep my little boy busy!

This morning we walked the dogs to the farmers market for the usual fair of peaches, tomatoes and zucchini but H didn't feel too much like dancin to the music so we didn't really stay long. We played at home a little while and went to story time at the bookstore where Henry actually had a toy taken away from him by a bigger kid and he just watched in awe. After the grocery store and lunch we took naps, though mine wasn't nearly long enough as I had to do some cleaning before I could lie down. When H woke up we cycled to the pool for a thirty minute dip in the nice cool pool, played in the sprinklers for 10 minutes then they shut the pool because of thunder. That was alright with us though, we cycled to Ya Yas and got some mixed berry sorbet. Some girly friends came over for dinner and it was so nice to have company! I'm so used to having people over to dinner all the time that it's been a little weird eating on our own every night. I have to agree with them, my lasagna was incredible! Henry totally played up to them after dinner, but that's ok! They brought me a delicious blackberry crumble ice cream from Holli's Sweet Tooth to top off our evening!

More of the same tomorrow I'm sure!

Friday, August 5, 2011

No luck

Still no luck on closing on our house. Rather distressed about it all really. They are apparently going to be paying us $35 per day to compensate us for having to pay taxes and insurance and mortgages on both houses but honestly, I just want to sell the darn house. It seems that in Arizona you have to have both parties on the house deed and they only had the husband down. So now all of the paper work is being re-done to add her to the deed. So maybe another week or two. geeeees.

Just cut the grass, again. Hopefully that was it for me and grass cutting. Ever. The darn thing just made my headache worse. Going to make a lasagna, clean the floors (of course), do the laundry and go to bed. ROCKIN' friday night.

I wonder what the weekend has install for me. Hopefully two wonderful afternoon naps and some fun pool time with my little boy!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here we go again!


13 weeks pregnant. Picture from 11 weeks.

Due date February 8th 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Passed me by

Some how it passed me by that Henry had got two new teeth! His sleeping patterns have been a little messed up, but I just didnt think anything of it and I saw the two new ones last night on the top gum. He is pretty close to walking too. Sometimes he just wants to walk around the house holding my fingers.

My baby is growing up!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Not much going on

The lack of posting is explained by the lack of anything going on really.

Last Thursday Henry and I got caught in a torrential down pour. It didnt matter so much for us as we had just got out of the pool, but the trailer (we had cycled to the pool) was left open and had a deep puddle of water in it after just 15 minutes of rain! Poor Henry rode in his diaper all the way home and Im sure I saw a few people laughing in their cars at the little baby in the stroller almost naked!

Saturday we had a little bit of a drama but it was eventually resolved. We had a busy morning. We begun by taking our car to Good Year Tire on University Avenue. I point out where we went because they are simply love folks and if you need new tires, you should definitely go there. So we dropped off our Jetta which had a nail in the back tire. We jogged to the Farmers Market across town, bought some groceries, danced to the Bluegrass band, socialised a little and jogged back to the tire place. No, I didnt just have one nail in my back tire? OH. I had two nails in the front right and one in the front left. Not to mention a 'knot' in one of the front tires, I stopped paying attention really and just asked them to fix it. We didnt wait around as ATT was supposed to be coming to our house between 9 and 11 am to install our internet and cable. We jogged back to the house and got there at 855am to a note from the ATT guy that said he knocked at 845am. I was livid. Especially after the fourth person put me on hold and then eventually hung up. I finally got a person who stuck with me and got put back in the pool for a service guy. He was a nice man who arrived around 1030 ish and was here until gone 3pm. ugh. So we didnt get to leave the house again! We eventually made it to the pool around 4pm I think, had a swim and headed over to Chik Fil A for dinner with Alison and Sophia.

Sunday we cycled to the trails, jogged three miles and cycled home. Henry isnt napping well during the day so the afternoon was a little bit of a challenge. He didnt want to sleep but when he was awake he just cried because he was tired. ugh. No fun for mummy. I did notice a new tooth, so I wonder if thats bothering his naps. Luckily he still sleeps well at night!

Today was rather a huge let down. I thought we were going to close on our house and I was going to deposit a big fat cheque in to my not so fat bank account. But alas, no, not today. I signed the paper work but apparently the mortgage company is dragging their heels and its taking ages to get the money. So fingers crossed we should have sold a house officially by wednesday! That will really make me happy!