Saturday, August 27, 2011

New kicks

I dont know why I ever worry about my son's eating habits. He had some gnarly diapers friday and then he ate like a champ. I need to just realise that he will eat if he is feeling ok. Unfortunately the most gnarly of them all was sitting outside the library and it came out of the diaper onto the very white onesie and all over the overalls too. Thankfully mummy had a bag for the ickiness and a spare onesie in the stroller.

So story time at the library wasn't overly successful for us and it turns out we didn't even make it to story time, we were at toddler time. Henry just kept taking other children's shoes. The little girls would kick him demanding their shoes back and sometimes he even wanted little girls who had taken their shoes off, to put them back on. So despite the fact that he doesnt need any shoes as he isn't walking, and the fact that he wont wear the sandals he has, we went straight to Neilson's to buy H some new Kicks. We debated the Toms but the soles were a little hard and they are supposed to learn to walk barefoot, so we went with the Pedipeds - hand made with leather soles so its almost like not wearing shoes at all. Henry absolutely loves them and wants to wear them all of the time! Which is great because they cost a small fortune. Papa loved them when he got home too, then I told him they were $35.50 before tax and he about had a heart attack. The thing is, kids feet are important and at the rate H grows, he will be wearing these shoes at least until he needs to start wearing socks around October time. Pediped also had some 18-24 months sheep skin lined moccasins for the fall, so Mummy is already eyeing those up! He loves his new shoes and the good thing is, I dont feel guilty letting him play on the dirty pavements on the square or out and about.

Henry and his new shoes:

We had another fantastic day today. I just love being Henry's Mummy, we have so much fun! He woke up at the usual time, 645am on the dot; Mama, Mama! My rib cage has been aching first thing in the morning so usually at this calling of my name I sit up instantly and just sit there a few minutes, let the aching go away. We had an early breakfast today then walked the dogs. Knox and Lana came over and we walked to the farmers market where they had sweet potatoes for the first time. Pretty exciting as Papa loves sweet potatoes. Because they were dug this week, you are supposed to not use them for 2-3 weeks so I had to inform Danny we couldnt have them this week. Zion Farms also had ground lamb which will be a nice treat this week; we talked about ordering half a cow from him too. Its pricey but I wont buy meat from the supermarket so you get what you pay for in my opinion. We then walked over to Square Books Junior for story time where the little guys played with a thousand other little guys! After a nice stroll home Henry had fun walking behind his walker thingy and playing on the couches, which were returned to us a littler earlier than we needed them, but at least Danny didnt have to go get them. We had leant them to Ibrahim who had some folks staying in his unfurnished house. It worked out for us because we dont have room for them right now, but they gave them back today, so we are little cramped in our living room/bedroom.

Speaking of, the bedrooms are coming along nicely. Its taking a whole lot longer than we expected but you cant rush beauty I suppose. Its actually been really hard for me because Henry hasn't been able to sleep in his bedroom during the day. The first day we cycled for two hours and he slept 40 minutes. The second day we walked for 2 hours and he slept 35 minutes, so exhausted, the third day I tried getting him so sleep on my bed. It took me about 40 minutes but then he (and I) slept 3.5 hours, so it was blissful rest! Friday was eventful for us because we looked after Knox and Jayden came over to visit, so we had a full house and H didnt take his nap (usually at 1pm) until 330pm! Little trooper. And we had to wake him up at 515pm to go get some dinner - the new baby wanted a cheese burger! So today Mummy was exhausted! It was so nice to put H in his bed for his nap rather than struggle to get him to sleep on my bed and then have to lie there with him so he didnt fall off the bed. Mind you, I was so tired I ended up collapsing into bed too, and I slept HARD! We played a little while then went across the street to visit with our neighbours and Henry played with the side walk chalk with Darden (3 yrs old). After some delicious home made tomato soup and grilled cheeses (with bread from Lana) and a nice bath, we did some walking and bouncing on the bed like we do every evening and H is now soundly asleep in bed. For some reason I am still exhausted so Im going to clean up after the day of destruction, sweep, mop and settle down to some ironing. Danny has a wedding in Clarksdale and probably wont be home til after midnight - that man works so stinking hard! Trooper!

Henry and Knox giving Mummy a hard time!

Oh and it seems at 16.5 weeks pregnant I have reached the stage where I no longer look like I have a (very fashionable) muffin top; two women asked me when I was due today, so hooray! I look pregnant and I guess with all this tiredness today, I feel it too, though its probably about time!

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