Monday, August 1, 2011

Not much going on

The lack of posting is explained by the lack of anything going on really.

Last Thursday Henry and I got caught in a torrential down pour. It didnt matter so much for us as we had just got out of the pool, but the trailer (we had cycled to the pool) was left open and had a deep puddle of water in it after just 15 minutes of rain! Poor Henry rode in his diaper all the way home and Im sure I saw a few people laughing in their cars at the little baby in the stroller almost naked!

Saturday we had a little bit of a drama but it was eventually resolved. We had a busy morning. We begun by taking our car to Good Year Tire on University Avenue. I point out where we went because they are simply love folks and if you need new tires, you should definitely go there. So we dropped off our Jetta which had a nail in the back tire. We jogged to the Farmers Market across town, bought some groceries, danced to the Bluegrass band, socialised a little and jogged back to the tire place. No, I didnt just have one nail in my back tire? OH. I had two nails in the front right and one in the front left. Not to mention a 'knot' in one of the front tires, I stopped paying attention really and just asked them to fix it. We didnt wait around as ATT was supposed to be coming to our house between 9 and 11 am to install our internet and cable. We jogged back to the house and got there at 855am to a note from the ATT guy that said he knocked at 845am. I was livid. Especially after the fourth person put me on hold and then eventually hung up. I finally got a person who stuck with me and got put back in the pool for a service guy. He was a nice man who arrived around 1030 ish and was here until gone 3pm. ugh. So we didnt get to leave the house again! We eventually made it to the pool around 4pm I think, had a swim and headed over to Chik Fil A for dinner with Alison and Sophia.

Sunday we cycled to the trails, jogged three miles and cycled home. Henry isnt napping well during the day so the afternoon was a little bit of a challenge. He didnt want to sleep but when he was awake he just cried because he was tired. ugh. No fun for mummy. I did notice a new tooth, so I wonder if thats bothering his naps. Luckily he still sleeps well at night!

Today was rather a huge let down. I thought we were going to close on our house and I was going to deposit a big fat cheque in to my not so fat bank account. But alas, no, not today. I signed the paper work but apparently the mortgage company is dragging their heels and its taking ages to get the money. So fingers crossed we should have sold a house officially by wednesday! That will really make me happy!

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