Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Since when...

I have tried to bury this post in the back of mind, as I fear there may be repercussions from some of you, but I just can't keep quiet a moment longer.

Since when did it become ok, no, trendy, for fat middle aged/old men to wear cycling shorts to swim in?

I've been going to the City pool in my lunch breaks for a blissful hour of freedom and exercise without a stroller. But why must I be subjected to visions of wrinkly bellies hanging over tight, tight cycling shorts? Does it really make you THAT much more efficient in the water? My front crawl is quicker than you. Heck, even my pregnant breast stroke is quicker than your front crawl, so tell me what do you need the super trendy, sleek black cycling shorts for? All of you?

The nicest part about swimming laps outdoors is watching your shadow glide through the water on the floor of the pool and how it goes in and out as the sun hides behind clouds. The pool closes for the year the first week of September; what ever am I goin to do?

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