Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The end of an era

Today was my last day at the lab having worked there almost a decade; nine years, three months to be a little more precise. Well, today was supposed to be my last day, but I guess it ended up being yesterday. I was at work an hour today before my babysitter, Jill, called me to tell me to come collect Henry. He hasn't been feeling well since Sunday, and apparently this morning he would do nothing but yell my name continually. So I took him home via the store to get some more baby pain reliever. He was ok, playing up a little to get his mummy I think, but he is ill. We are not sure if he has a stomach bug, or the upset tummy is a result of yet more teeth coming in on his upper jaw, the evidence of which I saw at lunchtime. Either way he isn't really eating and he feels really sorry for himself. He has big black bags under his eyes, poor little fellow and is doing the most disgusting green squishy poos ever; in the bath, in the playroom just after his bath, every other diaper...gross.

It was a slightly useless day for me really, since H was so whiney I just tried keeping him from crying all day really. Holding him was often not what he wanted, but he would not allow me to put him down, and don't even consider going to the bathroom mummy, not allowed. Because the people were putting in the windows, I had to get Henry to sleep on our bed in the living room, which was a mission. Thankfully they finished half way through and I was able to move him to his own bed where he slept more soundly.

We now have five new windows fitted and they look fabulous! Most of the trim is done, just got to frame up the windows and a couple more of the doors, then the painters come in. Tonight Danny and I successfully finalized the kitchen plans, so now we just have to re-do the drawings clearly and double check all measurements. Then work can being on the kitchen hopefully!

Tomorrow we must go to the grocery store, we are out of toilet paper! Terrible house wife that I am! I would love to do some exercise too, as today was a wash. Thursday I have a doctors checkup for baby number two and Friday Jonathan is moving into dorms here in town so it looks like I'm babysitting jayden, which could be interesting; pregnant me, sick Henry and a 2.5 year old boy. If only I could drink, as I foresee needing a cocktail Friday night. Oh and Friday night I babysit for Lana as we are trying to establish a babysitting club, if anyone is interested. I would just like to re-learn who my husband is without having to pay someone $10 an hour to sit in my house and watch tv. So we shall see if babysitting for someone else so that they will babysit for us, works!

At the beginning of the week, I was dreading this week, then it got made worse with H feeling terrible, poor fellow. On the upside, Jill gave me a cheesecake today and slice number one was pretty delicious! I wonder how long it takes me to finish the rest!

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