Friday, August 5, 2011

No luck

Still no luck on closing on our house. Rather distressed about it all really. They are apparently going to be paying us $35 per day to compensate us for having to pay taxes and insurance and mortgages on both houses but honestly, I just want to sell the darn house. It seems that in Arizona you have to have both parties on the house deed and they only had the husband down. So now all of the paper work is being re-done to add her to the deed. So maybe another week or two. geeeees.

Just cut the grass, again. Hopefully that was it for me and grass cutting. Ever. The darn thing just made my headache worse. Going to make a lasagna, clean the floors (of course), do the laundry and go to bed. ROCKIN' friday night.

I wonder what the weekend has install for me. Hopefully two wonderful afternoon naps and some fun pool time with my little boy!

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