Sunday, August 28, 2011

First time for everything...

Tonight is the first night that we are trying the go to bed hungry thing. Henry didnt eat much of his dinner tonight and we didnt offer him a second option. We shall see what happens at 3am.

He does have another tooth, so thats what last weeks upset tummy must have been about. A molar on the bottom left jaw. He just has the middle two and the one molar at the back, nothing in between! Goodness knows how many other teeth he has in there, Im scared to stick my fingers in because he chomps down!

We had a fun day today. H played in a metal tub full of water. After nap time we went to the pool and then for ice cream. I went riding to the lake all on my own! Totally embarrassed myself as I was leaving the house though. The neighbours were sitting on their stoop so I went to tell them we were going to the pool later if they wanted to come. My new clips are stiffer than the old ones and I couldnt unclip my foot and ended up laying on my side under my bike in their front yard! I blamed it on pregnancy balance issues but really Im a dumb arse! At 16.5 weeks I have already gained 15 lbs, can you imagine if I didnt do as much exercise as I already do!

You never knew we had a private jacuzzi did you!

Busy week ahead. Lots of good bye events at the lab tomorrow, visiting with a midwife in Memphis Tuesday as we are considering a home birth, and still the painters will be here so no afternoon napping in his room. Going to be another tiring week! Oh and did I say my rib cage was hurting, sorry I meant my entire torso aches every morning and Im not sleeping. When I do sleep I have horrid horrid pregnancy nightmares. Will I ever get some rest!? NOPE

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