Thursday, August 11, 2011

Autumn is on the way

The rain this morning completely threw me for a loop. I just didn't expect it. And whilst I'm not going to complain about this cooler weather just yet, I have to say, I'm really not ready for autumn. We missed our park date today because of the rain, but went over to visit Lana and Knox instead. They are funny playing together those little boys. Knox has a mini armchair which Henry apparently took a shine too. So sitting happily in his little armchair, Henry was unimpressed when Knox decided he was going to come sit in it too. So Henry pushes Knox off the chair with all his might, some grimacing and grunts necessary with the effort too! Hilarious! To his credit, Knox kept on trying to get back in his chair and Henry kept on pushing him off. I think I know what Henry might be getting for Christmas though! Not to mention, when one had a cup of grapes, the other needed one, then they needed the cup of grapes the other little boy had. Then his toy too. And it went on.

I like the way my work days are set up in that I get to tuesday evening and am physically and emotionally relieved the next day is a day off, a day to spend with my little stinker. But then Thursday nights I don't exactly relish having to go back to work on Fridays.

Bedrooms doors arrived today and of course one of them is damaged. I honestly feel like we just can't get a break. And no, their still is not a cheque in my bank account for the other house. Grrrrrrr.

My little baby did something ever so sweet this morning though... I was changing his nappy first thing this morning and he leaned up and grabbed the outsides of the tops of both my arms and pulled me toward him to give me a big kiss on the lips! So cute. I'm enjoying it now because I know with a boy, the affection won't last long!

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