Friday, August 19, 2011

Much better!

Henry has made a full recovery from his nasty stomach illness, and it seems it is going round Oxford, so we were probably bound to get it at some point anyway. Poor little man though, it was pretty rough there for a while. He stopped eating pretty much after Monday. His temperature went back to normal Wednesday and he started sleeping better. Then he ate a little lunch Thursday and when I put his dinner down in front of him Thursday night he crammed it into his mouth quicker than you could blink. He got a mini Oreo cookie and a cup of milk for eating so well! I know, Im naughty, he doesn't get one every night, just when he eats what I consider to be a good dinner.

Today we looked after Jayden, Henry's two and a half year old cousin and boy, am I tired now! Since he didn't really understand playing quietly because Henry is napping, we had to play outside between 1pm and 330pm, the hottest part of the day! Henry took a really good nap though, so he must have been doing some growing!

After they left we cycled over to see Megan briefly and they had some friends visiting whose 4 month old son weighed almost the same as Henry! Henry was 19 lbs 10 oz a month ago and this little boy was 19 lbs! It was nice to see Megan, Lee and the whole family, they are all doing so well!

No plans for the weekend really. Im sure we will walk the dogs to the farmers market in the morning and let Papa lie in bed to get some much needed rest. Papa is going to work on shed organization so we can get some more boxes out of the house and we may go swimming, since the pool is only open a few more weeks. Maybe I will go cycling on my own sunday, and Im sure there is a trip to Yayas for frozen yoghurt in there somewhere! Dinner with the Ozeron's should be nice tomorrow night.

Tonight Lana and I are starting our babysitting club. I am at their house with Knox while they go out for dinner together, then next week its our turn! and no one has to pay for a babysitter!!! Its actually rather nice for me because I had to leave the dishes to get here in time, I won't have time to clean the floor when I get home so Danny will most likely have to do it and I am just sitting down on the couch without a care in the world!!! A never before occurrence!

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