Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whatever can I do!?

Henry has entered an "I wont eat anything you give me unless its a raisin, grape, cheese or cracker" phase and I am at a serious loss. For dinner all we can get him to eat is pasta, and tonight he wouldnt even eat that. He ate 7 strawberries and some yoghurt, then picked the raisins out of the chicken korma and ate those. He has stopped eating peas which he used to eat when all else failed. He has stopped eating cream cheese bagels which were our fail safe lunch. He did manage to eat a banana today and some peanut butter from a spoon, but would not eat it on toast.
What can I do!?

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  1. I've heard kids go through these phases and when they decide they're hungry enough, they stop. You know we've had our own eating issues with Jay but never that he won't eat anything. So, I guess I don't have any advice, except that I've heard other moms talk about it.