Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unusual night

We had a most interesting night yesterday. Totally unusual for us.

Henry wouldn't go to sleep. I had even etched out some time to myself to do my new prenatal work out dvd and 15 minutes into it the screaming was just too much so I went in to get my little man. Every time I put him back into his bed almost asleep, he would sit up screaming again. We tried a cup of milk, we tried some yoghurt incase he was hungry, then eventually we resorted to Tylenol and Mummy leave the room. Papa sat with him a while then left too and he eventually went to sleep around 9pm. I got in an hour or two of sleep before he woke up screaming again at 130am. We wondered if maybe it was the paint smell in his room so we took him to our bed but he just wanted to play. We tried tummy medicine then eventually around 4am resorted to more Tylenol, switched off the fan and he was asleep by about 430am. We wrote to the Midwife to cancel our appointment but much to our surprise, our little man was bright and chirpy at 7am again. Papa wasn't! It wasn't really that much less sleep than I sometimes get at night so I was fine. Henry was full of beans and having a great time in his diaper playing in the cool morning, throwing leaves on himself. No extra moodiness and no extra nap. We went to the grocery store then to lunch with Lana and Knox, then it took me 40 minutes to get him to sleep on my bed, where we slept for just under 2 hours, but he was still tired when he woke up. We rode to the trails and went jogging with Knox and Lana but H wasn't a happy bunny really. He must have had an upset stomach because all but one nappy change today was a gnarly poo poo, I wonder if this means more molars are on their way through. I suspect there is a little separation anxiety mixed in because he screamed bloody murder when I put him down to bed again tonight, but it only lasted 10 minutes or so. I knew he was tired because he threw a fit when I put his pajamas on.

Its nights like last night that make you thankful for a good sleeper! Our usual 12 hour sleeper really threw us for a loop.

Now I have to tidy up because we didn't do any yesterday, since we spent the whole evening holding Henry.

We were thankfully able to get another appointment with the Midwife tomorrow morning, which also happens to be Danny's sister's 16th Birthday, so I guess it all worked out because maybe we can take her out for lunch tomorrow.

Here's to wishing for a night of no baby screaming...

We continue to battle dinner times and unfortunately have had to resort to ketchup on chicken and shove it in his mouth before he will eat it. When will these battles ever end! Im not making pasta every night of my life for the next 18 years.

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