Saturday, August 20, 2011

Productive 100 minutes

In my time alone I used the toilet in peace and quiet with no one sitting on my lap or yelling my name.

I shaved and bathed my filthy over grown dogs.

I took a shower, since I was covered in dog hair.

When they got home H had fallen asleep in the car so was waking up when Danny bumped his head after changing his nappy. Though Im not much better, when strapping him into his high chair I pinched some soft belly skin between the buckle parts. Great parents we are. Poor little fellow. But nonetheless he ate his spaghetti hoops and laughing cow triangle happily. He ran around the house behind a push toy and is currently working on going to sleep for an afternoon nap.

Papa is outfitting the shed and Im going to clean up the lunch debris and then possibly sit down!

Saturdays eh!

oh and we also found out today that not only is the crazy lady next door feeding our dogs cat food, not such a big deal, but now she is feeding them chicken bones! So Danny (politely, perhaps!) told her that we absolutely do not want her feeding our dogs chicken bones, that the bones can splinter in their stomach and kill them. So she shrugged and said, ok Ill just feed it to the cat. Poor cat.

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