Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Firsts

Yesterday was our first day alone, Henry and I. I was somewhat anxious after his insanely fussy Sunday, it has to be said. He fought taking a nap all day Sunday, so inevitably was in a foul mood. But thankfully, Monday was a completely different story; he was a perfectly behaved child!

We had our own little adventure in the afternoon... we took our Chariot into town, went to the bank, then did a 50 minute walk, ending up at Hollie's for Milkshake Monday where Danny and I shared a milkshake and Henry slept soundly in his Chariot. Bath time was a hoot, as ever, with Henry laughing the entire time. He went soundly to sleep at 730pm, waking only at 2am and 530am. Definitely manageable!

He was fighting nap time again today until I put his Led Zeppelin lullabies on, now he is fast asleep in my arms! Cutie pie!