Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Boy!

Big news in the world of Lauren and Henry today... well, not exactly big news, but when all you do all day is stick a suckling mouth on your chest and change dirty nappies, any news is big news! Henry has moved up to Big Boy nappies today! Probably not big boy nappies, but Size 1 anyways! The thought process that prompted this decision was not exactly pleasant though! I was doing some house job or other and my mum was sweeping the floor when Henry started wailing from his bed. In an effort to get me ready for life without my wonderful helper, my mum told me to let him cry for 5 minutes, since we were both busy. I managed 2 minutes before going to see what was up with him. The poor soul was wet all the way up his back. So I stripped him down and plonked his little butt in the sink to get washed off. Put him in a clean outfit and held him whilst wandering round the house. Not very much time had past before I realised that he was soaking wet up his side again. hmmmm. The nappies were not containing the ridiculous volume of pee that young man produces, so we went to Size 1s!

My little baby is growing up! He no longer wears newborn nappies!

For all those new mums out there, we went through almost 5 packets of Seventh Generation Newborn size (there are 6 left!). Just incase you are wondering how many you will need, though of course, he was born at 6lb 13 oz, so that will make a difference to the number of newborn size you need too.

Also, I would like to just say, how much I like using cloth wipes over disposables. Yes, there is slightly more work involved, but they are lovely and warm when you need to clean a little botty and they seem to clean up so much better and more efficiently. We have the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer, which is working just fine for us, though I have only been using it for a week or so. The extra work is that you have to pre-soak them before putting them in your wipes warmer, then we store dirty ones in a baking soda solution, then you have to wash them. However it seems like very little effort for a happier botty and far less waste.

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