Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It was supposed to be fun!

Today I took Henry to the pool on campus because I thought he would love it, since he loves water and splashing around and what not. No. Silly Mummy. Getting myself and him changed was no big deal. His new swim nappies are a little big for him but it was the correct weight category so there is not much I can do about that, he is just long and skinny. He was holding on to my swimming costume for dear life as we walked into the pool area. He stared intently at everyone playing as we waited for Danny. The pool was absolutely freakin' freezin'! Even for me, with more fat than my little man. We played for about 15 minutes I think, I even managed to get a chuckle or two out of him, though it was like squeezing blood from a stone. I was especially grateful Danny was there to help because dealing with wrapping the baby up and keeping him warm when you are soaking wet yourself and have to carry the bag to the changing room, was a little bit tough. The worst thing was that once I had him all dressed and cozy warm again, he wanted to be cuddled but I was still wet. So he screamed from the floor as I got changed as quickly as I could and handed him to Danny in the foyer for me to gather all my stuff up. He fell asleep on the way home and is still asleep now, more than an hour later. I did start to worry about hypothermia as he slept but then realised I was being ridiculous, it wasnt that cold.

So now Im not sure how I feel about the baby swimming lessons that we were going to start in February. hmmmm.

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