Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ah sweet sunday

More holiday news later, when I have the time to upload pictures, but I just wanted to let you know; I had a fantastic Sunday.

Henry threw me off kilter by waking up at 2am, not sure why, so I was rather tired this morning. Managed to ride my bike to the lake in the chilly spring morning, which was lovely. Then Henry and I watered our tomato plants and his feet. He literally played in the mud - and he thoroughly enjoyed getting dirty! We took the dogs to the lake and they played in the water, by this afternoon it had warmed up nicely. We ate dinner out on our deck (that Papa lovingly swept for us) and you would never believe what my little man ate for dinner... Rib eye steak, sweet potato fries, corn and edamame salad, carrot and pineapple salad and asparagus, with a cracker and some kiwi thrown in for good measure. He has such a big appetite!

Bought myself an Ergo last night, boy those things are expensive.

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