Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After two hard and stressful days at work I actually enjoyed the peace and quiet that came with cleaning my stainless steel kitchen appliances this evening. Then as it rolled on into night I have been vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. All post-baby dinner time, play time, bath time and more play time, story time and bed time! Now at 945pm Im about to embark on my laundry and ironing, though my eyes are getting heavy.

Tomorrow morning Henry has his first hair cut. I know you will all fuss that he is too young, not even 10 months, but his hair is growing down into his eyes and annoys the heck out of me! Just a little trim to tidy it up.

I know that I have still more pictures to put up of our holiday many weeks ago. Hopefully I will get them up before our next mini-trip to DC to visit the Stix' before they have their baby... all these pregnant people are making me get broody again!

Henry update: he has a third tooth and is drooling like a mad fool so is probably getting some more here soon. He is crawling all over the place, but more of an army-style 'drag yourself through the trenches' than an actual 'arms and knees' type crawl. Nonetheless, he is very mobile! He LOVES his new Leap Frog table and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone who has or is soon to have a little one! He officially does not like white pasta sauces but loves tomato based sauces. He LOVES Jambalya and likes Lamb curry ok. He has very very stinky poopoos!

In other news: we escaped the carnage of the tornados last week thankfully, but did lose a tree in our front yard. I think it was more the weight of the rain on the sideways-heavy tree and the super saturated ground, than wind damage. I am going out tomorrow night!!! There is a wine tasting at the Ravine and I am going on a girls night. Dont worry, I have acquired a ride, six half glasses of wine and Im anybodies! Farmers market starts up this weekend, so Henry and I will begin our summer tradition of riding to town together early saturday morning, pottering around the farmers market and heading over to the coffee shop for breakfast and early morning tea before cycling on home again. I am very excited. I know that we spend lots of time together anyways, but its nice to have this one thing we do together on a regular basis. Oh and dont forget, its Mother's Day in the US this weekend... Ive put my order in to get pampered for the day. Or at least to not change a nappy for the day!

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