Monday, February 6, 2012

Im going to be pregnant forever

Like most people, I had a thousand due dates. Well, just two, but still, that's annoying enough. So one due date passed on Saturday and one is Wednesday. I have lost all hope for the full moon to bring the baby because its Monday afternoon and Im not in labour, so tomorrow is pretty much out of the question now. I have resolved myself to the fact that I am going to be pregnant forever.

I got pretty excited yesterday as I had 2 minute contractions all morning, then 5, then 7 and then they stopped early afternoon. Fantastic. So disappointing.

I go through bouts of being incredibly uncomfortable and periods of feeling normal (pregnant, 50 lbs heavier than usual, normal at least).

Im guessing there is still a two week window when this baby could show up. yeay. Oh and to boot, all I want to do right now is climb into bed, (yes, I realise its 2 in the afternoon - Im tired, alright) but Henry is talking away in his room, refusing to take a nap and stressing either that his socks are on and he needs them off, or that they are off and he needs them on. Please go to sleep little man.

Here are some pictures from our stomping around in the puddles Saturday... It was all fun and games until Henry stepped into a puddle that went over his boots. He was no longer a happy camper after that and screamed until he was running around the house almost naked, as is the way he seems most happy. Roll on warmer weather so that he can live naked the whole time, though a winter of 50s and 60s really is nothing to complain about!

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