Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big news this week

We are very happy.

We are a wonderfully happy family.  It just feels so nice. Its nice having Danny home.

Big news this week; Rosie can roll over! None of that easy front to back stuff, she can roll from her back to her front! and not even four months old! She does it with such grace too! She tips her head back, slowly arching her back as she gradually tips over and plays on her belly for a while.

I came home from work to nurse Rosie Tuesday and the babysitter and I were cheering Henry on as he pooped in the potty (more big news, Henry poops in the potty!).    Emily Grace (our fantastic babysitter for the summer) turned to Rosie and asked her if she had rolled to her tummy herself; obviously a rhetorical question as she knew she had put her down on her back.  Since we had missed it, we returned her to her back and she rolled over again.  I called Danny to tell him and he said, 'oh  yeah, I forgot to tell you, she did that this morning'.  Hilarious that he didn't think this the most important news of the day, week, month...!

We enjoyed our weekly outing with Papa today; after gymnastics the kids and I cycle to the square, climb the three flights of stairs (while counting the stairs) to see Papa at work and collect him for lunch.  We walk all the way through town (takes Henry a while as he is easily distracted!) to get chicken and fries. Then ice cream and free topping at Holli's Sweet Tooth and the long trek back across town to drop Papa back at work and cycle home.  It is so much fun!

I made a duvet cover for Henry. Its fantastic! Best of all, he loves it to bits! Pulls it up under his chin so that he is wrapped up in trains! What more could a little boy want!  I was working on a pillow cover with his name on it, but my sewing machine didn't seem to be working right, so Danny thought it appropriate to take it apart. Now its broken! So I have to take it to the Fabric Store tomorrow to see if they fix sewing machines. Then I have to make Henry some blinds for his bedroom.

Not too much else going on. We plod along, doing fun things. Rosie loves her little rattles and jungle gym.  She loves to stand up and was laughing hysterically this morning as we did 'trust falls' on the bed with Henry (an aided fall backwards on to my bed, made to feel like free falling).  She already wears 6-9 m clothing as her body is so long! She sleeps 645pm - 6am. Fantastic!  Henry loves to play in the paddling pool or sprinkler and the City pool opened for the summer, so we have been there. We took the kids to the lake Monday morning and Henry got filthy in the sand and splashed around in the lake. He loves to play markers and we usually do this outside on a huge cardboard box. He ends up drawing on himself (on purpose) and looks like a rainbow.  The other day I drew a Thomas on his leg and he had to feed Thomas each of his bites of food before eating it himself.  Hilarious.  Potting training is going well, as long as he isn't wearing any bottoms.  As soon as he is wearing underwear or pjs or a diaper, he goes whenever he wants. Other than that, he pretty much goes on the potty when we are at home.

OH! They are awake!

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