Monday, October 12, 2009

Franz Joseph Glacier

Well, since the lazy FedEx Portland Dispatch does not open 'til 9am (aren't I glad I got up at 530am to make sure everything was ready as early as possible) I might as well post some more pictures eh! I tried really hard to limit the pictures I chose from day 2, but it was hard and there are tons of fun ones! We did an organise day hike on the glacier which was worth the money as they supplied much needed crampons, but was also a little frustrating because we had to stop frequently because there was only a certain height day hikers could go on the glacier, just a money making thing really as only helicopter paying customers were allowed further up. We had a really great day though and the sun peeked its head out on several occasions to make the weather not far off perfect for such a day!

oh and remember, I do not usually process the photos, Danny does, so please forgive me if the colours are a little off!

In the bus on the way there...

The glacier was here, where we stand taking the picture from, 100 years ago.

Ready to squeeze through the gap...

Protect the baby!

Soaking wet after squeezing through the gap, should really have worn the rain jacket eh!

The view I most often have of my husband!

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  1. Amazing photos!! I'm glad to see what you've been up to.