Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NZ Roundup

Im kinda tired going back in time to tell you what all we did in New Zealand, sorry. So instead Im uploading the rest of my pictures that I like and if you want to see the CPDK fancy ones, you will have to go to his website and beg him to put more pictures on his blog.

We drove around a lot, watched Lord of the Rings in our camper van, went to some beaches, made sand castles, hiked up a big mountain (although I guess all mountains are by definition, big), took a day cruise in a fjord, relaxed in some hot springs and checked out a geothermal park. It was all very fun! i mostly enjoyed just living in close quarters with the love of my life and getting to spend lots of time together with no responsibilities. I missed my dogs and my girlfriends, my bed, my shower, my kitchen, my garden and not wearing the same clothes everyday.

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