Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where's Lauren!?!

In England its called "Where's Wally?"; in American its called "Where's Waldo?" Which ever country you live in, I feel permanently displaced at the moment.

Having gotten back from the two week Mt St Helens trip we vowed not to go anywhere else this year. Yeah right. Since I had to graciously leave my job at Ole Miss and accept a job a the University of Tennesse, I had to go to Knoxville to go through orientation. Sunday I had breakfast at the Bottletree with my lovely husband, walked my beautiful dogs on a lovely autumn day then sat in the back of a car for 7 hours as I was driven to Knoxville. Monday morning I woke up hot, very very hot, walking around in just a shirt despite the fact that it was only about 40F out. Started to get a sore throat, then a blocked nose and now here I sit, back at home, possibly with Strep Throat. Great. I feel much much better today but still am really really sick, that just gives you an idea of how bad monday night was for me!

Since we are having a bonfire party (as we do every year) thursday, November 5th, I am going to the doctors here in a minute to find out if I am still contagious, coz if I am, we are going to have to cancel the party as it is rather irresponsible to knowingly infect your friends and family. Ill let you know what I have got and if I am still contagious or not! Fingers crossed its just a chest infection!

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