Friday, November 13, 2009


Thank goodness its friday!

We had a bonfire wednesday to make up for not having one last week, since someone had to go and get sick. It was a small crowd but we had some good food and nice conversation. Danny put fire crackers in the Guys head, as usual, and it still took us by surprise, as usual! I made cheesey bread, rosemary garlic focaccia, lentil stew and cheese broccoli potato soup.

The fire was still smouldering thursday evening and we had confused the time that Thacker Mountain Radio started. Since we were not going to make it to town in time we got the fire going again and sat outside listening to the radio show which had lots of Bluegrass, and I do love Bluegrass!

Now its friday night, Ive had a lovely walk with the dogs, Danny is setting up tents on campus for the game tomorrow and Im catching up on some tv and knitting! Awesome friday night! I have got a fun packed weekend of working in the yard, clearing leaves and tidying up, jam making and mince pies!

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