Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, that was a breeze.

I continue to be amazed by what a wonderful baby my little Henry is.

He was initially very grumpy when we got to the doctors as he had not taken his mid-morning nap and I had the nerve to put him in the car seat. Gosh, he hates car seats! But I managed to get him to sleep in the waiting room, so he got a little power nap in. Then of course they were running late so we passed feeding time, making him grumpier still, but I fed him whilst waiting for the doctor and he perked right up and was his usual smiling self!

At 8 weeks old Henry weighs 10 lbs 13 oz and is 23 inches long! And that weight was pre-feeding! The doctor said he looked like a little buddha with his big belly. So I here is a picture of the little buddha, since we commented on his huge belly last night!

Anyway, the shots made him cry for about a minute, then I put him in his Babybjorn carrier and off to sleep he went, with little Bugs Bunny band-aids on his legs. He is still asleep. What I thought would be an awful and traumatic day is far far easier than yesterday! And I told the doctor about the night before last and yesterday, he thinks it was a growth spurt, considering how frequently he needed to feed compared to normal. Now that he is getting bigger, we may give our Bumgenius nappies a shot!

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