Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random thoughts

Do babies grow in 'spurts'?

The reason I ask this, is usually Henry goes to bed at 730pm ish and wakes up just once during the night to feed before a 630am feed. Its lovely and gives mummy a much needed rest! Last night he felt the need to eat every 2.5 hours, wearing me out, not to mention draining me! With this in mind, I figured it would be a rough day and sure enough, instead of eating every 2-3 hours, he is opting to cry his little heart out to eat every 1.5 hours, ugh.

At least he is asleep now, giving me at least an hour of freedom Im sure! The hard thing about freedom is remembering that you need down time too. You think, "gosh, I could totally get both bathrooms cleaned and possibly the fridge in an hour", instead of, "wow, wouldn't it be nice to sit down and close my eyes or read a book". So I laid on the couch with Henry and closed my eyes for 30 minutes and I suppose now I might clean that bathroom. Do a little of both, right! After a nice cup of tea...

We made some new friends yesterday. Knox Thompson was born a week after Henry, was the same weight and length and is also awfully cute! We met Knox and his mummy Lana in town for a cup of tea where we talked baby! You are fully aware that it bores everyone else to talk baby, labour and breastfeeding but it could never bore another mum in the same situation, so that was fun! We made plans to go to the lake Tuesday we our dogs, so that could be interesting!


  1. Yes, they grow in spurts. Lots of them. Drinks lots of water!! I'm emailing you a resource.

  2. So sorry you're exhausted! I hope Henry will give you a much-needed break tomorrow. I'm glad you've met a friend with a baby the same age!

  3. Oh, how I remember those days when you feel like a human pacifer! Yes, they have those days and only Mommy will do! Remember, this too shall pass rather quickly! Before you know it, he's walking down the isle and leaving you for his own sweet bride!