Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Such a Dangerous Hobby

A dear dear friend of ours was killed Friday riding her bicycle back from the lake. Her husband is like a brother to us, particularly to Danny.

There is little information about the driver or the circumstances under which she was hit, which no one can seem to understand as it is a straight, open road on which you can see for miles. We presume the driver was negligent, however the police have yet to provide a report.

There is a Memorial Service at the Chapel on Campus for those that wish to pay their respects. Thursday, 4pm.

Via some influential people making some influential calls, they have been able to get the paperwork expedited and are able to leave to take her home to Turkey before the weekend.

If you cant make the Memorial Service and would still like to honor Kevser, there is a community ride Sunday from the Square to the location of the accident, leaving at 4pm. Henry and I will be participating so please join us. There is also a fund to help re-patriate her if you wish to help in some small way. Please contact me personally for details.

I have been asked if I am now scared to ride my bike and I am not. However I am scared to drive my car. I am frequently tired driving, especially after work (we arent talking late here - I leave work at 430pm) and worry about it every day now - what if I dont see someone on the road. All I can do is pay close attention I suppose and make sure I dont use my telephone or get distracted by Henry in the back or anything like that. The guy driving that truck had to have been looking away from the road for a good 2-3 miles to not see her cycling, and on a 55mph road - though I doubt that's all he was doing - that's a good length of time to not be looking at the road.

You will be very much missed, Kevser, for your vibrant and happy demeanor and the way that you would light up a room with your smile.

Kevser and Henry the day after he was born.

Kevser, Yavuz and Lara at the airshow

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  1. I was so sad to hear this. It's just so shocking. Ya'll be careful.