Wednesday, November 9, 2011

27 weeks

Drove all the way to Memphis today for our mid-wife apt. Thankfully, Lana and Knox accompanied us, so it was more fun. We had minor dramas that made us leave 30 minutes late; Knox jumped in a deep puddle and needed a new outfit and H had a poopy diaper, but we still made it on time.

I have gained a few more pounds, getting near to the 35 lbs I gained with H. Blood pressure was good at 120/78. Baby's heart beat was 148, Lana listened with the old fashioned thingy, I couldnt hear it though. Head is down, as I suspected after Saturdays gymnastics, butt off under the left rib and legs out to the right. Despite being 27 weeks, the fundal height measured in at 29 weeks. Yes, well. Mid-wife thinks its a girl! No basis for this, she just kept calling it 'her'. I got told to eat more, as I full well know, thats why Im feeling so sick all of the time and getting terrible headaches. I just dont ever feel like eating and there is nothing I ever want. Might buy some granola type bar things, Lara or Luna or something LLL, keep on hand. Doctors visit Next the week of Thanksgiving, then Mid-wives Dec 14th. We discussed the Rhogam shot and she sees nothing wrong with getting it and not getting it. We discussed the FLU shot and she is against it, pregnant or not.

After our visit, we went along to the Carriage Crossing Mall in Collierville. I know its silly as I only have three months left, but I bought myself two sweaters. Lana hopefully has some maternity jeans for me with full panels as Im pretty much out of clothes for the bottom half of my body. Would have bought some jeans today but 1) the women in the shop were sooooo rude and 2) they only had 'regular' length, and for $70 I dont want to have to hem!

Off to visit Summer and Jay in Symrna, TN tomorrow, for a few days. Its my rogue road trip!

As for the house, the mudroom has officially been demolished! My house is trashed because the builders keep walking through it to use the bathroom.

Im exhausted.

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