Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

I know its a little late for this post, but we took our little man trick or treating yesterday and we all actually had a good time. We probably stayed out a little late, and Henry probably ate too many sweets, but it was fun.

The first house we went to, Henry was the last child to get a piece of candy and it was a tiny mini snickers, which he proceeded to devour. We moved on to the fire station where we went through a particularly scary haunted house and he cried a little. There were lots of lines on North Lamar and that wasnt our idea of fun, and lets face it, we didnt want him filling his basket up with candy anyways! Next he ate a packet of fruit jellies and two tootsie rolls. By now, he was a sugar rampant menace. We walked through the square and on to Holli's Sweet Tooth, an old fashion sweet shop where they have the candy in jars that Henry can reach. We got ice creams and about the time that he started trying to dip his hands into the candy bins, we left. We walked back through the square and down the other side of North Lamar when he started to whine rather a lot, so we headed home. It did end with some crying but I think he was coming off his sugar high and getting tired. It was a fun evening though! I tried to tell Danny next year he can take both kids and I could rest at home, but he said that sounded like hard work!

Yes, I know Im cute and I exploit my mother...

A little shell shocked after the scary masked clown, smoke and strobe lights of the fire house haunted house...oh, and I forgot to mention, I got 8 inches cut off my hair Friday afternoon!
Yes, I can fit an entire mini snickers in my mouth at once...

No, its not twins. Thanks. Ive already been asked several times. How to make a woman feel even better about her self, ask her if she is having twins, or even better, simply state that she is huge. Thanks again.

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