Monday, January 9, 2012

A month has passed

Here is a picture of Henry in the Kroger parking lot Saturday. He cried when I made him get out of the little car. He had had an all out kicking and screaming tantrum that morning because I tried to put his rubber boots on him so we could splash in the rain. Some battles just arent worth the fight, so I didnt make him wear them. Royal waste of money they were.

I have lots of pictures for you, but as usual, Danny is away and I dont know where they are. We took some family pics on timer the other day and then some of my 36 week watermelon.

36 weeks. Isnt that insane.

Henry has gone through a two week spout of refusing to eat and is back into gorging himself on whatever you put in front of him. During that two week period, he got his top two canines. He has a daily pre-dinner snack of frozen peas and corn. He has developed his fondness of his Papa and misses him terribly when he is gone. He ran naked around the house tonight holding the phone because Danny was skyping on it. He has cultivated a love of his Uncle Jonathan to the point where you cant mention his name or Henry will call it out for about 10 minutes incessantly. Jonathan is staying with us this week, so he is getting his far share of Henry kisses. He has lots of new words; purple, blue, yellow, orange, cookie, raisins, strawberries, NO (often proceeded by Mummy), trust fall (Tosh.0 watchers will understand this one), Beep Bo (belly button), Neigh (horse sound), Moo (cow sound), shoes, lights, drink, milk, please... there are many more. He is a thorough pleasure to be around the majority of the time; a lovely young man. He has pee-peed in the potty several times and knows that if he successfully pee pees in the potty, he gets one little jelly bean, so he makes sure and pee pees in the potty every night! He pee pees everywhere else as well, but realises that doesnt get him a piece of candy!

In the past month I have turned 31 years old. Become more and more pregnant, and more and more tired as a result! I have taken to napping whenever I can. I have gained 45 lbs since June of last year. Shocking. I have had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, and if I were a first time mum, I probably would have thought I was going into labour, they were so frequent last weekend. This past Saturday I fell over, straight on my butt, whilst holding a cup of water at the candy store. Yes, I know what you are thinking, having gained 45 lbs already, like I need a candy store. Whatever. I actually look smaller (in the face and arms - not the massive belly) than when I was this pregnant with Henry. The baby continues to jab me in the ribs and painfully stretch its legs out. Oh and I may have accidentally found out that the baby is a boy, though I am trying to ignore the comment. The business desk lady at the doctors told me this past visit that I had to pay for HIS circumcision next visit. I looked at her and asked what if it wasnt a boy. erm. She looked a little surprised and said, well then you will get your money back. And she also likes to make a point of telling me its more expensive at the doctors office than at the hospital, like that is going to convince me into a hospital birth. Its more likely to convince me not to circumcise woman. Anyway, I dont know if the people at the desk even see your medical records, maybe Ill ask next time I go, but either way, I am trying to forget she said it!

I thought Id been doing well; I walk to work and back, I walk an hour or so on my days off. But I just did the prenatal yoga dvd for the first time in months and it about killed me, no lie. And if you dont believe that I am all belly, imagine that to do a lunge I had to manual maneuver my belly into position with my hands and even then it was resting on my leg. Or the fact that to do a forward fold I had to have my legs wide apart and still my belly rested between my legs. Not long now folks!

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