Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Very pregnant

Some random pictures of my little monkey first!

I just realised that when you are this pregnant, is when people are most interested in you, and I havent been blogging at all! So sorry. Reason is, I keep wanting to put pictures up, so Danny takes them and then doesnt make them available to me. Good job I didnt pay him, mind you, if I had paid, perhaps I would have got some photos! I mean seriously, why should some family who has paid thousands of dollars to have a professional photographer cover their wedding, come before pictures of my fat belly!?! Ridiculous!

So I have taken matters into my own hands and used my phone to take a profile pictures of my belly at 38 weeks. I know a black dress isnt the way to show how huge you look, but I just thought of doing this, so Ill get an actually belly shot tonight and post it.

Obviously, I am huge! I have booked myself a manicure for next week to make me feel better about weighing the most Ive ever weighed. To be honest, the weight doesnt bother me so much, its more the aching hips in the evenings, or the sore ribs in the mornings, or the peeing every 15 minutes. I think my cold of the past 6 weeks has finally gone. Though now Henry has a cold and Danny may possibly be getting one. Poor newborn coming into this unhealthy climate.

I walked 4 miles on the trails Sunday, 3.5 miles around town yesterday and have plans to do the same today during my lunch break.

Next week is probably going to be my last week of work.

I fell over again. This time just from the couch. But this time I cried, because it actually hurt. I landed on the side of my ankle and took a baby to the lungs, which really winded me, and shocked the bageebas out of the baby.

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