Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seattle Aquarium

Yesterday was less than a successful day. H is tired, fed up being cold, teething with that last canine, bordering on getting a cold and wants to go home I suspect. We tried to go to a park to play but it was the worst park on record. So if you are ever in Seattle, WA dont bother with the Olympic Sculpture Park. Terrible. We sat and threw rocks into the Sound, which was good for a while but then H stood up and announced "Done, Mummy". Ok then. We went to Macrina for lunch and it was fantastic and he behaved wonderfully, until we went to the bathroom to change everyone's diaper. He had a fit and Rosie had once again leaked all over the place. ick. We came back to the room and he took a 2.5 hour nap and Rosie and I had a little sleep ourselves! Dinner was a disaster despite actually finding somewhere to get Bangers and Mash (sausages and potatoes) with extra peas for H. He ate nothing, as has been the theme of this trip.

Today we ventured into the Seattle Aquarium and despite being the tiniest aquarium I have ever seen, it was a huge hit with my little man. Not one tantrum! Shocking. We sat and had snacks/lunch in the over head fish tank and he generally had a thoroughly wonderful time! He is currently napping and Rosie and I are having tickle fights, though admittedly they are a little one-sided! She has no defense!

Nap time...

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