Monday, March 19, 2012

Spontaneity is not my thing!

Right now...

I know my posts are few and far between, but its pretty time consuming having two kids and I can't seem to get decent pictures and I don't want to post without photos for you.

Danny came home for lunch Monday, or maybe it was Tuesday, and asked me if I wanted to go to Seattle - Friday! I really dont deal well with spontaneous suggestions but there is no point of having the freedom of a stay at home mum and not taking advantage of the perks of a job that means you hardly ever get to see your husband and are a single parent more than you are a family. So yes, we are in Seattle; air miles, Marriott points and a little bit of spending money. Unfortunately we left the best weather you can imagine (80F, glorious sunshine) for snow, wind, rain and upper 30sF, but we spent the weekend together! Danny is working now and we are in the hotel room taking naps; ahhhhhh peace and quiet!

As usual I am behind on photos, Seattle fun photos to come, but below are some of the kids from last week (I dont get many of Rosie because she lives her life attached to me right now - thank goodness for baby-wearing!).

Jogging on the bike path. Got 20lbs to lose! Me, not Henry!

Henry just discovered these gloves - it was 80F+ out!

Henry thinks he needs to play with Rosie whenever she uses the jungle gym. She is awake more and more each day and she is such a happy little person.

Yes, he is wearing his beany in 80F weather.
Look, there are some battles that are just not worth fighting!

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