Friday, April 6, 2012

Cut throat world

I have had my first experience of what parenting life has to come for me, and I hated it. This morning we went to the puppet show and Easter egg hunt and the public library. Puppet show was fun. I nursed Rosie and Henry sat quietly watching on my lap. Then came the 'fun'. Henry was in the under 3s age group and despite the librarians giving the parents a talking to before the puppet show about letting the kids have fun, the parents felt the need to go with the kids to look for eggs. Its not like it is in England, there was no hiding of eggs. There was a maybe 5 m square patch of grass with eggs spread out, so when the parents (often mum and dad) of about 50 children descended on this tiny patch of grass it was manic. Poor Henry wandered into this mess of adults and spun round in a circle as all the eggs disappeared. He looked horrified and thankfully someone put one in his basket and then so did some one else. Two of his eggs were filled with bubble gum, like Im going to let him eat that, and one was a Reeses egg, which he devoured. The librarian took a photo, so check out the Oxford Library Facebook page if you want to see. Why couldn't the parents let the kids just have fun? You aren't going to lose your kid in a tiny square area of open grass in front of the library, oh wait, unless there are tons of adults in there too. Disgusted, along with a few friends, we have organised our own Easter egg hunt Sunday that will actually be fun for the kids.

The fun is in finding the eggs and seeing whats inside, so when we got home I filled a few with some of Henry's favourite things and he had a great time. He got so excited to open the eggs. So I decided thats how we would eat lunch! If it was small, it went inside an egg for 'lunch'; blueberries, grapes, peanuts, pistachios, cheese cubes, crackers, blackberries, then on to the fun stuff; raisins and white chocolate chips. He had fun eating lunch that way!

He ran into my room at 610am this morning, rather a shock to the system. Rosie was unimpressed to be woken up so early (still asleep from 10pm feeding!). I was also unamused. I think something is up, preventing him from sleeping well, as he is currently screaming the house down instead of napping.

Yesterday was our day to go to the park, and go to the park we did, regardless of the rain! Then after nap time we splashed in the puddles...

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