Thursday, June 25, 2009


I know, I know...Ive been home ages and haven't posted any photos!
My apologies. Lets just say, Im still in holiday mode!

If you want to see fancy pants professional pics of the holiday then
please visit
Danny's website.

Mine are just the goofy family ones!

We stayed in England a few days with my folks...
apparently punting on the Cam came naturally to
Danny and Dave, whilst being driven around came naturally to
mummy and I!

Danny and I then parted ways from the fam and took the EuroTunnel to Paris, hired a car and drove to a tiny town where we had the best dinner ever! 6 courses no less!
This is where we stayed our first night in France.

This is where we stayed the second and third night.

How cool is the concept of not wanting to build a moat so you build your castle over a river!

We visited Claude Monet's gardens in Giverny and the roses were all in bloom.

Of course, the new toy came every where with us!

Ah, poor mummy, terrified that after all these hundreds, if not thousands, of years, this storm is going to be the one that knocks St Mont Michel off the rock!

How the world sees Danny and I!

The goof balls obviously not convinced by the interest of hundreds of standing rocks!

Where's Wally?

Are you enjoying that caramel banana cake along with those two cups of coffee!?

And mummy, how is that big old piece of cake!?

And then of course, we had to part company.
Always an especially sad event.
We miss you guys!

Danny and I drove on to Paris where we met up with our good friend Anais. We went for drinks by the canal, dinner with more food that any of us could fit in, then Anais drove us round Paris to see the sights by night. Gorgeous!

Ive had a tremendously busy weekend, but I wont bore you with that now.
Ill try and remember tomorrow, I promise!

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