Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, Im home! For a little while at least!

I have lots of fun family pics from England and France over the past two weeks, but of course they are on Danny's laptop which is currently in California with him! So I am going to have to keep you wanting those for a little while longer!  We had a wonderful wonderful time!!!

Things back at the ranch are a little overwhelming. As Dave rightly said, a year of weeds is 10 years of weeding; and whilst Im not quite yet at a year of no weeding, its definitely been 6 months. So needless to say, I am way behind on the garden front! 

Sad sad news, we lost our only and very beautiful dogwood to the storm last week but I count myself lucky that was it. There is lots of leaf debris and branches scattered around, but its really not that bad.

Also on the bad news front whilst the plastic fence I put up did seem to detract the deer, the rabbits chewed straight through it, then proceeded to eat all of my kale, lots of swiss chard and all of the soy bean and green bean plants. So that was rather disappointing.

Tomatoes are doing well though, particularly the Romas, as usual. I wanted to try different kinds but I really should just accept that Roma tomatoes just do well here.

The day lilies are in bloom and the hyrdrangea beautifully blue.  Some seeds that I dead-headed in Chicago two years ago are showing the most beautiful blooms on short 3ft high hollyhocks. So just let me know if anyone wants some of those seeds, they really are gorgeous.

So yesterday was my first day in the Mississippi summer heat and it was a challenge. Its different when it comes upon you gradually but when you are plunged into it its breathtaking almost.  But I discovered a very refreshing summer drink that I am going to share because it was delicious!  Blend together the following and enjoy!

Fresh ginger root
Fresh mint
Lemon juice
Ginger Ale

 I am terribly jet lagged and still waking up at 430am.  I managed to lay there til 530am today, although Im not convinced it was worth it.  Poor Mister Mojo has the awful allergy he always gets when he comes back from Danny's parents place and is scratching himself raw.  He is going to grooming tomorrow so maybe the bath will help.  Tux' face still has the sore on it and it has somehow jumped to another spot on his cheek so Im dabbing it with witch hazel to try and dry it up.  Danny is away in Sacramento CA for the week and I have a million and one things to do. Ugh, will it never end!

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