Thursday, May 28, 2009

Up and coming

Well now you know what I did last weekend, I should let you know that tomorrow we embark on our Trans-Atlantic flight to the UK for my mother's birthday! We have spent all night packing and getting things ready for the vacation, and Im just exhausted now! Hopefully that will help me sleep on the plane!

Poor Tux has a huge hotspot on his face so we had to pop to the vet this afternoon, a place he hates. But he was particularly well behaved when he got his cheek shaved and even let me clean it this evening.

The tomatoes have been encased in a 40 inch high fence to hopefully prevent the deer destroying them before we get home.  My whole garden looks beautiful and Im going to miss it.  There isnt any rain in the forecast so I hope everything fares well without me.  I do miss my flowers when Im gone. I wonder what else will be blooming in late June...

My suitcase weighs less than Danny's and he just cannot fathom why!

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  1. Good to catch up with you through the blog! I've been thinking of you and wondering what you've been up to. I guess we passed each other in Texas last weekend! I hope you and Danny have a lovely trip to visit your mom. I miss you!