Saturday, May 9, 2009

That's no use...

What's no use? Waders with a big gash in them. Yes, somehow friday morning I acquired a big gash in the boot of my waders.

So of course, my leg was soaking wet all day long. Don't worry though, I have a repair kit to mend them, if I can get them dry by sunday. If not, I do have a spare pair with me, they just aren't as warm.

Probably because it was friday, I was feeling pretty goofy ,so I took a picture of me on an average day at work. Yes, you may laugh!

Despite the soaking wet, freezing cold left leg, I was still in a surprisingly good mood all day and wanted to show y'all that it is still important to partake in afternoon tea, even when you are out in the field! Although it really is hard to cross your legs in a pair of neoprene waders! It is of course not as good as my usual tea with Tasha at the lab, but at least I was getting a hot drink!

Well now its the weekend! Yeay! Im typing in the dark as Danny is still asleep and we are in a one-room hotel room. Im going to wake him up soon. I wonder if he ever thinks, why did I get a wife with such a different sleeping schedule to mine. Why doesnt she like to lay in bed past the wee hours of the morning. He even tried to keep me asleep this morning by drawing all the curtains in the room, but some light still came streaming in through the gaps. I managed to lay there til 730am but the excitement of the weekend just made me get up!

Its going to be a fun packed weekend, I think. We are going to begin by a morning stroll into downtown Portland to go to the farmers market. I know that we only have a two stove top kitchenette in this hotel room so I have already told Danny to not let me buy too much, but the thought of locally grown organic vegetables is just too much for me and we have got to go! If you get time, check out the farmers market link, it tells you what is in season here during which months, the list is endless. What we did find rather funny is that 'vegans' are in season all year round! No thanks, Ive already got myself two vegans and Im more than happy with mine! hee hee! Then on our way out of town we are going to check out some knitting stores which Im sure Danny is really excited about. I am soon going to be finished with all of the projects I am making for other people and I will actually get to make something for myself! Im going to make cable bolster cushions for my couch but I have no where to buy yarn in Oxford. Then we are heading out for a nice drive to Bagby Hot Springs where we will dip in the naturally hot water to relax! Fun packed day! Then home for some fresh vegetables to accompany our left over Thai from last night! How exciting!

Hope you are all having a fanantastic weekend!

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  1. Oh my god Lauren that picture of you is brilliant! Sis you are hilarious. I am loving all the pics you have put up - they are soo cool. X