Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Well, as I suspected I might, I offended people with my comments regarding Oregon's spring. Today we drove out into the country and the folks out there seem to care more about their environment as they all had much prettier gardens. So maybe people in the city just dont have the time. However, while Oxford may have a dull winter, which quite frankly Im ok with, Portland has a dull spring.

It didn't rain so much today and the sun popped out this afternoon!

We come here a lot, and ask people the best places to eat a lot, but everyone always seems to suggest fancy-pants places that just aren't our thing. I don't want a rich sickly dinner. Today Aneil and I got talking about places to eat and he had some awesome suggestions. Well, at least one awesome suggestion that we tried tonight! We ate at this awesome brewpub in eastern Portland and I loved it so much that I had to take pictures of everything I ate! We started with a leafy greens salad with cinnamon crusted walnuts, house balsamic vinnagrette and Washington pears. I then had the largest calzone of my life, but dont worry, I only ate half of it! If you ever feel like making a calzone at home, try this one; pesto, sun dried tomatoes, feta, mozzarrela, free-range chicken and marinara. Delicious! And I get to eat it for dinner tomorrow!

Danny had a hoagie filled with free-range chicken, salami, mozzarella and marinara. He ate the whole thing!

Then we shared the biggest warm brownies served with vanilla ice cream, walnuts and whipped cream. Oh my gosh! I am so full!


  1. Wow!!! The food looks lovely.

    Loving the pictures as well sis.

    My weekend was pretty uneventful to be honest. But I had the Camden Crawl last weekend so I don't really mind. I just worked in the bar all weekend.

  2. Yummy!! You know how much JP and I love a good brewery!