Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun packed weekend in Portland

We begun our saturday by walking to the Portland farmers market and oh my gosh, it was awesome. I think that my passion for food borders on obsessive from time to time.

Nettles for dinner?

These are fern tops.

So we kept ourselves in check and just bought some spinach and asparagus to have with our left over Thai, some Spring lamb, fingerling potatoes and kale to cook one night.

Then we went across the river to an awesome yarn store in Sellwood.  I have to say, I was rather intimidated by the fact that there were two men working behind the counter, and yes they were particularly effeminate and the most efficient knitters I have ever seen!  They helped me chose the right yarn for the job and I was able to chose an Oregon raised Lopi (although Im not really sure what a Lopi is!).  When I eventually finish the things Im making for other people, Im going to make myself a bolster cushion for the couch.

Then we drove south towards Bagby Hot Springs. Or at least, that was our intended destination. We stopped in a random town for lunch and drove on, and on, and on alongside the (particularly noisy) Clakamas River. 


Eventually we hit snow, a surprise as it was 60F!  I was my usual wussy self and said that we couldnt make it through the snow. At that point, a family of four in a small rental car came up and proceeded to try and get through the snow.  Luckily we had a tow rope to help them get out when they got stuck!  So we turned around, deflated at having not made it to the hot springs. Then we decided to try some random forest service roads to try and circum-navigate the snow, but that just wasted our time. Then on the way back, we happened to notice a road we hadnt seen before, and low and behold it was the right road! We made the short hike in (1.5 miles) across Bagby Creek and then had to wait for a 'canoe'.  It was only a 40 minute wait until we got to disrobe and enjoy the 'healing properties' of the hot springs.  It was so hot, we had to add four buckets of cold creek water to the 'canoe'.

Sunday we got up late and lined up outside Voodoo Doughnuts for our breakfast - possibly the only time in our lives we have or ever will line up for doughnuts! They were tasty, but we definitely had a sugar overload.  We drove down to the Woodburn Company Stores where we spent a small fortune!  Danny was happy as we finally bought real luggage and I may just have found something to wear to Lisa's wedding!

Back to work tomorrow. Oh no, it starts again. Only 4 more days!


  1. Your weekend sounds amazing and so fun packed. It would be super cool if you could call me soon. I know you are mega busy but it would be great to hear your voice. I miss you millions and cannot wait to see you big sis. Danny looks like a stud in the pic on the bridge (wolf whistle).

    I really like the picture of you in jeans on near the river - if it is not too much trouble I would appreciate that picture printed out to add to my shrine of you on my wall :)

    I had a brilliant weekend, but absolutely exhausted. Friday night I worked at the bar and the vibe was really cool because it was like a funk soul night & then Saturday morning I went to Cambridge to see mummy. It was so lovely I stood with mum in the garden for a bit and then we had a cup of tea and I watched the formula one with Dave which was very exciting. Then mummy came in from the garden and we watched the Badminton horse trials (well she let me watch it because I don't think she is too interested in show jumping). We both fell asleep on the couch it was so nice to see her. I have not seen her in like three or four weeks and honestly it feels like so much longer. I always leave mummy's feeling lighter and calmer and loved (Dave gave me some amazing duck curry he had made to take home and eat).

    Saturday night I worked and then went Warehouse after work. I didn't stay until the end. I was home for about 0530am. I got up at 0930 on Sunday and went to Morrisons and the garden centre and came home and worked on the garden nearly all day. Then I cooked up some food and baked a cake – got the BBQ on and had Jamie Benstock, Mark Ludwin and Ben Rose over and we all ate with Bex. Then Jamie stood up and said “we’re going to Fuse get up” so we hopped in the car at 6pm and went to Fuse which is a day rave in Brick Lane.

    The boys moved on to Soshu at 12am which is round the corner from Brick Lane, but I was to tired and wanted to call it a night so I hopped on the train and got home for about 1am. I am feeling very very tired today but had an amazing weekend so I am going to bear the thumping pain in the back of my brain and power on through.

    I have two more working days at Redactive!!!!!

    Love you xxx

  2. I love the blog update and the photos, but I miss my daily email updates. :( So, I dreamt I was in Quail Creek last night and that I checked on your plants. In my dream they all looked great, although I'm not sure that does you much good!

  3. I look forward to both of your posts! Thank you for being so attentive. I miss you both terribly.