Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where have I been?

Sorry for the delayed post, life is a bit hectic right now, to say the least.

We spent a long weekend in Texas with some really close friends that we only see once a year, if we are lucky. I knew it was going to be a great weekend when Danny was giggling and chatting like a teenager on the airplane because he was so excited! It was adorable! A very short and convenient flight took us directly to Austin in under 90 minutes.  We met up with Gabe and Helen right on schedule and drove downtown.  The more interesting people in the group (everyone but me) went to a bar to meet up with friends and listen to music. They rolled their drunk asses in close to 3am, while I had a lovely peaceful nights sleep!

Thursday we poodled around some stores in Austin and got breakfast then journeyed out toward Wimberly and the Texas State Wilderness where Lisa Carter and Andrew Carlson were to be wed.  We sat around in the river sunning ourselves in the afternoon and went into Austin for the Bachelorette party, for which the theme was lingerie. I was a little dubious about this theme, having talked to the bride before about how she thinks its a waste of time! But everyone bought underwear that suited her, well, for the most part at least!

The lingerie Lisa was most excited about was the t-shirt that read "Bacon makes everything Better".

Friday we again chilled by the river pools, although there was less sun. Friday evening we went to the Salt Lick for the rehearsal dinner and some good old Texan bbq. Danny was in heaven.  Rather too much meat for me but it was a lot of fun.

Saturday was wedding day and Helen and I were charged with keeping things running on time. Something we are particularly good at! The ladies brunch was held at Thyme and Dough and everything was delicious and we particularly liked having our own Cabana boy! 

Lisa looked absolutely beautiful and was a particularly gracious bride.  99% of the day went perfectly, the 1% that didnt was the rain that begun as we all walked down to the river for the outdoor ceremony.  I had my rain jacket, which didnt exactly match my outfit, but certainly kept me dry.  They had a kicking Blue Grass Band and we boogied the night away.  Unfortunately it turned out that the tent that we had borrowed wasnt exactly water proof but we didnt have to sleep in the pools of water since we had borrowed mattresses from the lodge.

His and Hers Keg stands by the Bride and Groom.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with great friends that we miss terribly.  Saying good bye was, as always, challenging.  On the upside, Lisa and Andrew were happily married at 5pm Saturday May 23rd 2009 and we all made ski plans for 2010 together!

Oh, and it wouldnt have been a full weekend without a trip to a Cupcake bakery... although to be honest, I could have made better, on a bad day.

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