Monday, May 4, 2009

Plunged into an awful Spring...

I think Spring is the best time of year. Its suddenly warm again. The sun shines so brightly in the open blue sky. Lots of azaleas and flowering trees are in bloom and there are hundreds of bulbs bursting into colour all around us. At least thats how Spring is in Oxford, MS. We are almost done with our Spring, yes Id say we were in early Summer. My tomato plants all have flowers on them, my broccoli has 2 inch diameter heads and the corn and beans have sprouted and are growing quickly each day. Then I fly across the country to Portland, OR and what a dreary place it is, even in Spring; supposed to be the best time of year. How is that even possible? I ask you. Its still cold here, I only packed my scarf and beanie as after thoughts because I know how I get so cold. I certainly didnt have enough clothing on today, with my under-vest, merino wool long-sleeve tee-shirt, tee-shirt, sweat-shirt and rain jacket. It rained pretty much all day, and it was reasonably cold. Miserable is a good word to describe it! Ugh, no matter Portland inhabitants are the most depressed people in the country! I saw hardly any bulbs around here, and before you say maybe they were finished already, I didnt even see 'old' daffodil heads and there were but a very few tulips. Hardly anyone has azaleas or flowering trees, and some of those that did must have pruned them in the fall as they cut off most of the new years buds. Its difficult to go from a place where people put so much effort into their surrounding landscape to a place where people dont really seem to care all that much.

Oh, how I miss my garden! When Im on fieldtrips, Im usually ok for at least the first week. When Danny is on the trip with me (as he is this time) I usually dont get home sick until very close to the end. But I must very sadly confess, that I am already homesick. Infact last night, I thought I heard my dog crying so I spread my arm out to pet him as I usually do, when I realised that he in fact was not there and my arm was laying across Danny's chest.

I whine and whine, but infact it wasnt that bad a day! It did rain all day but for some reason it didnt seem that bad, and the site was pretty easy. What was amusing about today, was that because it rained the entire day with no respite, the creek rose rather rapidly around the 4pm mark. I walked off to use the bathroom and when I got back, Brian was yelling at me to hurry up and get down in the creek as my $10 000 instruments were about to float away! eeeek! So someone had to hold them in place while I took a final reading, then they had to hold it while I packed it up, otherwise it would float away! Everything we had out with us today is soaking wet, and guess what! Its going to rain pretty much the rest of the week! Maybe not friday but hey, at least the weekend is looking clear.

I tried to get you a picture of me working, but it seems that my photographer husband is not so good with a point and shoot!


  1. I'm so sad for you!! I know that feeling because every time we'd visit MS, it would be so lovely, and then we'd come home to freezing temps and no green in sight! But, even here it is finally warm and green. I hope today is better (and drier). Miss you!!

  2. Lauren you look so cute here!

  3. Lauren you look so cute here!