Sunday, May 17, 2009

A weekend at home, what a treat!

Its going to be rare over the up and coming summer, but we spent sunday at home! What a treat!

I made bagels; I changed the recipe and believe me, it worked! I changed out two cups of the white flour for one cup of whole wheat and one of spelt. I also added two handfuls of crushed walnuts. Delicious hot smeared with marg. Then I made three loaves of bread. Then on to the garden where I begun making supports for the cucumber vines.

The garden faired well in my absence. Well, as well as can be expected! The ample rain (8 inches in two weeks) meant that nothing dried out and everything grew really well. However this also meant that the weeds grew well too! The lettuce and spinach had unfortunately bolted, but I picked it anyway and now we have four gallon ziplocks stuffed full of spring greens in my fridge! Some of the broccoli had partially bolted too, but there were only a few flowers and it still tasted great in our rosemary garlic mac n cheese tonight! Ooooh by the way the broccoli, rosemary and garlic that were in our mac n cheese were all grown organically in our garden and it was without a doubt, the best mac n cheese we had ever eaten! The wisteria which is winding itself round a 4x4 post was chest height on me before we left and is now about 8 feet tall! A hydrangea that I have moved twice because it never seemed to like the spot is blooming with beautiful white flowers tinged in pink. The lilies are now gradually blooming, although strangely enough only the orange ones right now. The only casualties were an heirloom tomato plant that was munched on by a deer since the dogswerent here to bark and mark. So Im going to have to think of something else when we next leave town. The deer also ate the only two hostas I apparently didnt move this winter, so I moved them today to the back. The hollyhocks are now blooming and the daylilies by the road are taller than me with their buds.

So thats the garden update!

Tux hiding under the Bradford Pear, behind the Coreopsis

Mr. Mojo lounging in the sun

The first hollyhock bloom of the year!


  1. Everything looks fantastic! I love the update on the garden. I've missed them!!

  2. Oh my god I have missed so much. I cannot believe it!

    So excited about you coming home. It was great to talk to you last night as well. Lauren's voice is always a welcomed sound to Jade Farrugia's ears. I have been writing poems about you lately and your new character name is Ladybird Lauren I hope you like?

    It is 1600 in London and I have just returned from lunch with the head of L'Oreal planning and buying. Krys - what a lovely guy. I ate a rather large steak fillet can you believe it and two large glasses of pinot noir. Mmmm yummy.

    Literally cannot wait to see you Lauren and cannot believe that is 5 months since we last laid eyes on each other. Pooooosh x x x x x