Monday, July 6, 2009

Fresh fruit and veg!

Well every saturday morning I get up in time to be at the farmers market at 7am so that I get the pick of the crop. I love it! I have never liked peaches and blueberries before but I have become addicted lately! Then there is the beautifully crunchy zucchini and the organic hormone and antibiotic free chicken, pork and beef. My wonderful husband even rode out into the country and climbed a ladder to pick fresh plums from a work colleagues tree. Awesome! So last saturday I made about 5 jars of spiced plum and apple butter (apples I put up from the farmers market last fall), 7 jars of ginger spiced plums, and 8 jars each of blueberry marmalade and blueberry cherry preserve. It really does take a long time to pit and chop 3 cups of cherries!

So you know what I did last saturday afternoon! Im pretty behind eh!

Last week was pretty uneventful so lets skip forward to this weekend! I laid in front of the tv thursday afternoon, that was particularly uncharacteristic and relaxing, I wasnt feeling well... you knew there had to be a reason! Friday I went shopping to Jackson MS with my girlfriends and bought the bedding I had been coveting for months! It always pays to wait for the things you want, just to make sure you want them! They are beautiful and its like sleeping in a posh hotel! When we redecorate out bedroom, Ill take a pic of it all. We have redecorated our closet. You may be thinking, why waste money and time on a closet. But you have no idea how refreshing it is to go into your closet and not have this impulse to rip all the clothes off the shelves because it was so cluttered and awful. But not any more! I havent taken a photo of it yet, but Danny out did himself again, it is beautiful, clean and organised! I love it! Now just the bathroom and bedroom to finish it off!

Saturday we went to Aunt Pat's, ate lots of food and played on the lake for 4th July. Fun fun fun! I skipped out on the Grove band and fireworks saturday evening as I was rather tired and successfully ironed most of my pile. I did some more sunday and tonight and gave up on the last three shirts (Danny has three nemesis shirts and I just cant bear them!) so he is finishing them off right now!

We have watched more tv in the past few days than I have watched in weeks!

Oh, something else that I forgot that is rather exciting... we have had the first tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden! They are delicious! Since Im not going to be here to eat them, I am have marinaded them and am drying them to get packed in oil. Delicious on salads and pizzas in the winter when you cant get fresh tomatoes. Im a little disappointed with my garden this year to be honest. The area by the fence that I have used for years needs to be rested. The bell peppers have all been eaten by bugs. The zucchini and squash just hasnt grown and the basil, which usually blooms in my garden, is not doing so well at all. Im really disappointed as we had a wonderful crop of pesto last year that saw us all the way through til June, but I dont think thats going to happen this year. Sad. Fingers crossed that the deer and rabbits dont go to town next week when Im not here to defend it.

So I leave wednesday for England. On my own. I hate travelling on my own. ugh. But I get to see my family, again! Which is wonderful!

There is not too much blooming in my garden right now, we had our first rain in over a month yesterday, so I leave you these blooms from when we got back from our vacation.

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  1. I'm glad for the update! The photos of your lilies are lovely. We need to have a chat soon to catch up on all our Farmers Market/gardening news. I've been thinking of you.