Monday, July 27, 2009

Yesterdays antics

Evidence that I did cook all day, incase you dont believe me!

I had lots more pictures, but since Ive temporarily misplaced my camera, I had to use Dannys and its way too complicated, so they were all blurry!

My lemon plum tomato, isnt it cute!

So of course I came home and picked tons more tomatoes and cucumbers this afternoon. Why couldnt you have been ready yesterday to go in the marinara? eh.

I went cycling after work today and managed to see a turkey wandering through the woods and a rather large, and I suspect rather poisonous snake sunbathing in the road. When I got home I went out into the flower bed I had planned to do yesterday to at least get a start. I was considering going in to cook dinner when something that sounded awfully large moved in the bushes, very quickly. Since I had seen the snake in the road I instantly thought it was a snake and as I was only wearing sandles I decided to bolt out of the flower bed. I of course wanted to know what it was though! We have only ever had one large snake in the back, because of the dogs I suppose, and it was a King Snake, shame the dogs ripped it to shreds really, they are good to have around. So I stood on the bench out of harms way (on the other side of the small fence) and poked around with a stick and it moved again. Well it was the largest toad I have ever seen in my life. It was about as long as both of my fists together and as wide as one and a half. I fully intend to get a picture of him/her tomorrow if its still there. Oh mini-camera, where oh where are you!?


  1. Wicked on the baking front Lauren. Cooking looks great.

    I did try calling you at the weekend for a catch up but I here that your phone isn't really working. Perhaps you could give me a call when you get a chance.

  2. Hello, hope your week is going well so far... although thank goodness we only have one day left and then it is the weekend. But not really thank goodness since I don't mind being at work in the least but everything just seems so changeable at the moment. I would wish that things (especially me) were a little less erratic and that my mood stayed more constant.

    I have had a rather uneventful week socially so far.... I have pretty much just stayed in and then last night popped to the movies to see the Proposal which I have to say was rather entertaining trash - always a favourite genre of mother's as I am sure you will agree in light of your recent visit.

    I am out with work tonight for a curry and pub night followed by late night Kareoke. I can assure you, I will not be partaking in the last of the listed activities but it should be fun to snigger at those that do.

    I am rather excited about my trip to the theatre with Dad tomorrow night to go and see Waiting for Godot which is supposed to be brilliant and has incredible write ups. I am going to try and bad a japanese out of him as well which I think, should he try it, he will appreciate because it is healthy.

    I have no plans for Saturday and may attend a secret rave on Saturday night which is at a location unknown at this time. Failing that I may just go for a well deserved night out with some of the girls. My friend George has returned from travelling and I am quite excited to see her.

    In other news, Zeuss' rat catching continues; we are to obtain a new oven but Antony has asked me to decided whether I would like gas or electric hob and honestly I have no idea. Any thoughts would be appreciated girls x