Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting ready

Sometimes you are rushing around frantically before a trip, trying to get ready. Its even worse when going on a fieldtrip, particularly when you are in charge, because you dont just have to remember your clothes but you have to remember field clothes and waders and anything that you feel you need with you in the field. But sometimes, and this is one of those times, there really is nothing to think about. Im not in charge of the fieldtrip, so I just have to make sure I get on a couple of planes and meet Dave at the other end thursday morning. I also finished a major project at work last week so havent really had anything to do. Oh, and my boss away so there is no one asking me for things. I squared everyone away on other fieldtrips and equipment from now until September and Ive got my few things together. So there I was at 1400 hours today, staring at my empty computer screen wondering what on earth to do with myself. So I decided that was silly and I came home to pack, which I am especially grateful for because now I dont have to rush around doing it tonight.

I topped and tailed 2 lbs of green beans, blanched them and put them up in the freezer. I skinned, pitted and sliced an entire box of peaches, which was so slimy that it was fun! And then I began thinking, is this normal? Is it really normal for a person to put so much food up!? So please tell me, do normal people do this kind of thing? I also just realised that I have to grate the zucchini for the freezer too. Righto. Best get on that!

My faithful boys are lying at my feet, unawares that tomorrow morning will be their last walk in two weeks. This knowledge makes me sad as I know how much they love to go walking and exploring. agh. Nothing to be done about it.

Since I have just been dropping milestones randomly into my posts lately (some of which probably go unnoticed!)... some of you may have known that I was working on a blanket for my mother for about the past 3 years. Well, yes, I finally finished it in time for her birthday this year! I was actually really sad to give it up. Really sad. It is a master piece! Now I get to make something for myself :)

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  1. What a work of art!! I can't believe it's finished.