Thursday, July 16, 2009

An unexpected day!

I got up and went for a jog nice and early before work this morning. Very refreshing!

The weather had said light rain all day but it is beautifully sunny. We drove almost two hours to a site in West Sussex that looked at least chest deep! So we drove on back and went to a site on the Blackwater River that was also too deep for me to do my work. Instead I helped Tom and we got finished in just a couple of hours. Since there are no more sites left, today has become the last day of field work! Awesome! So instead of having to work hard in the rain for two more days, it seems I just had to take some notes down for someone for an afternoon!

Back to the rents ranch tomorrow then for another relaxing weekend of nothingness until I go back to office work. Im rather excited about seeing my babies monday evening!

We are going to eat at the same pub we ate at last night where I had possibly the best crab cakes Ive ever had in my life! and possibly a good old English dessert is in store!

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